Happy Halloween 2013! (Plus 9 Month Pictures)

Happy Halloween!

We went to the mall with Jax’s friend Noah and his parents and just walked around for the mall’s trick-or-treat event. Noah was Superman and Jax was, well he was a handyman and then later the Cat in the Hat. Since we live in Florida and it was 80+ degrees on Halloween, we didn’t want to have Jax out and about in his fluffy puppy costume because when he gets overheated, which he runs hot anyway, he gets really upset. Not cool!



Nevertheless, he got to wear his super cute puppy costume at home for his 9 month pictures and oh boy is he cute…





Seriously, this kid will now pose when you pull out your phone (we always take pictures with our iPhones) – he will just look over at you and give you an award-winning smile with his double dimples and his perfect Forbes 500 hair. *sigh*

We are going to have our hands full in a few years!


9 Months

Jaxson has been here for 9 months now, the same amount of time he spent in the womb! Its so crazy when you think about it that way! It feels like its gone by super fast and slow at the same time, as most good things do, but we try to enjoy the moments big and small together when we can.

Here’s what Jax has been up to this month:

  • Growing teeth! Jax has two teeth on the bottom right in the middle that are coming through. They are out pretty far but it looks like about halfway from what I can tell. He chews on everything now: toys, hands, towels, toes…he even chews on us sometimes. The Orajel has really been a lifesaver, we got the ones that come pre-filled in a Q-tip and it was so much easier to use than just the tube of gel. Advil seems to help too but we don’t give it to him often, just when he gets really intolerable (like last night).
  • Crawling…sort of? Mostly he just kicks and screams and drools all over the floor. We’ve gotten down on hands and knees to show him how to crawl – nothing. We’ve put him into position and goaded him into crawling toward us – sort of. As of yesterday he started army crawling and he’s getting fast at that. So I think that actual crawling is not far off. Not only that, he moved to the TV stand yesterday somehow (we turned our backs for a second) and he was sitting up playing with the DVD player. Hmm…I have a feeling he’ll be a pro at crawling here real soon. Time to buy some baby gates…
  • Standing/Walking: He is super mobile in his walker, and has great coordination and control. We will put a ball on the floor and off he goes, “kicking” it this way and that with his walker and running the length of our living room back and forth. He can now maneuver into the hallways and even into the bedrooms, so we’re definitely going to need those baby gates soon. If you hold out your pointer fingers, he’ll grab on and pull himself to a standing position. He loves to walk with you holding his hands, especially when naked and headed to the bath! 🙂 When standing up in his crib or even in the living room, he tends to let go and think he can just take off running, instead falling flat on his butt. I think that Jax thinks he can do more but his body just isn’t ready yet. I have a feeling that once he does start crawling, it won’t be for long, because this kid seems ready to just get up and take a walk.
  • Activities: We took Jax to the park for the first time last weekend. He loved the swing, although I think he got a little motion sick like me and J do. I think he would have liked the slide more if he hadn’t kept sticking to it and then flying down at an unnatural speed. He liked it, but I think it was a little scary for him sometimes! He really enjoys going for walks in his stroller and we are so lucky to have a beautiful neighborhood to take those walks in.
  • Communication: Jax is usually much like me, a quiet observer only piping up when there’s something really important to say. But he has a motormouth when he wants to. His latest attempts at words have given us duh-duh-duh-duh and Mmmmm. Oh and he also says “yeah”. J and I will have full conversations with him, and when you’re not pressuring him into trying to say something he’ll come out with the weirdest things – for example: at my mom’s house I was talking about him being snuffly from allergies and he freaking said (or sounded like he said) “allergies”. No lie! I know these are totally random occurrences and he is just mimicking the sounds we make when talking, but still. He also has “no” down but not in words, instead he’ll shake his head at you and turn away if he doesn’t want or like something, like apricot mixed fruit baby food. 🙂
  • Food! This boy can eat! His 9 month checkup is on the 15th so we won’t have his official weight until then, but he’s a solid chocolate bunny! He’s in 18-24 month clothes, but sometimes they are really big on him because he isn’t wide, just so tall. And he packs away the food like a champ. We’ve got him on multigrain cereal now, 2 bottles a day, and 4 foods (2 fruits, 2 veggies). The guidelines say he should be eating more bottles but he really gets pissed when he has to eat from one, especially in the morning. He’s also getting those cookie/biscuits that melt in his mouth and rice cake type wafers as treats a couple times a day. These are all relatively new developments (like within the past week) because we think he’s ramping up for another growth spurt real soon.
  • Sleeping…Zzzzz: Jax is really good about sleep most nights. Of course there are times when he wakes up crying out from a bad dream or if he gets too cold/hot at night, but overall he’s out like a light from 8 p.m. until 7 a.m. We really couldn’t ask for better! He has gotten really good about putting himself to sleep and if he wakes up but isn’t quite ready to get up and face the day, he’ll pop his nu-nu (pacifier) back in his mouth and go back to sleep.

Overall this has been a great month for us and our boy. He’s growing up so fast, Tonight we are going to the Mall with our friend Angela and her little boy Noah for Mall-o-Ween. While they are still too young for candy, we thought it would be fun to just walk around and see the costumes. We’ll be taking our 9 month/Halloween pictures tonight so look for those soon! 🙂

Planning Ahead

Anyone who knows J and I know that we are planners. Like super-planners! Our wonderful life wasn’t just handed to us, we worked hard to get to where we are and accomplish what we have. And Jaxson is no exception. If you’ve been following this blog since day 1, you know that we actually began down the path to getting pregnant a whole year before we even conceived. And that’s just the specifics (picking the donor, getting screened, fertility treatments, financial planning, etc.). That’s not counting the years of just planning in general to have a family, something we both knew early on and planned out so that when the time came, we were ready.

Many people have started to ask us if we’re going to have more children (the simple answer: yes of course we are!). J is adamant about her pregnancy with Jax being her “one-and-done” so it will be my turn next. Unless for some unforeseen reason I am unable to have children, at which point we will discuss and plan accordingly which could mean she may go again (I don’t know how likely that is!), or maybe we’ll adopt. We’re not certain about our “backup plans” nor are we too concerned that we’ll have to use them, because there is really no reason (with the help of fertility treatments and modern medicine) why I won’t be able to get pregnant. So that’s the plan we’re going with.

The other question people ask after we answer that yes of course we want to have more children, is when? RIGHT NOW! Just kidding! 🙂 But seriously, I think its around this age that moms start having that yearning to have another baby. I follow the blogs of a couple of different moms and this has been a recurring thought on each and every one of their blogs lately. One couple has just found out they are expecting another girl, another couple has been thinking about bringing their kid total up to 3, and yet another couple whose twins are about two months older than Jax have discussed wanting to have more too. I have to admit that we’ve talked about it since Jax was about 4 months old! LOL We already knew we would have more, so there was never a question of if, but rather of when we would/could add to our family. We knew the approximate age gap we’d like to have between Jax and his sibling(s) and have been planning accordingly to meet that goal. So the simple answer to when we’ll be starting this journey all over again: August 2014.

We are going to use the same sperm bank but since our previous donor Todd is no longer available, we had to pick a different one (which we have already done!). We’re both okay with the kids having different donors because they will have the same mommies and that’s what really matters here. Genetics don’t make a family, love does, and we have plenty of that to go around. 🙂

Now comes the fun part, getting me ready to have a baby. We are lucky that J went first and so as a “first-time mom” I have her experience to reference and learn from. I was there every step of the way, for the aches and pains and cravings and maternity clothes shopping. Based on her experience, she’s not going to let me make the same bad choices she did, and to start off, we’re both working on losing the baby weight (plus some). We both gained a lot while she was pregnant with Jax, and its taken 7 months to get our act together and work on getting the weight off. We’ve done it before with great success and we’re going to do it again – we’ve both been counting calories since September and we’ve already lost over 15 pounds each.

One thing J really hated about her pregnancy was how big and uncomfortable she was, and already being overweight didn’t help her any and put her at higher risk. She doesn’t want to see the same thing happen to me (especially since my company has a crappy maternity leave policy now, plus I have a bad back) and wants me to have as healthy and happy a pregnancy as possible without carrying around extra weight from the start. So we’re working on getting healthy, not just for ourselves or the new baby but for Jaxson, so that we can be a good example to him and help him make good choices too. My deadline for when I’d like to start trying to get pregnant is August 2014, and that is plenty of time to get to a healthy weight safely and if it happens before then, great – maybe we’ll move that date up some! I have to tell you, wanting to get pregnant is great motivation for weight loss, especially since my biological clock has started tick-tocking and my body is feeling the pressure to make a baby!

Besides, Jax is way too spoiled to remain an only child for too long. We’ve got to fix that! 🙂

And then there were two…

Teeth that is! Yep! After having a bad attitude and giving J a hassle all day and being extra needy, at least Jax has something to show for it. Tooth number two is coming in right next to the one on the bottom. They are barely peeking out of his gums, but there they are (and sharp too!). He even went to bed early last night because he was just so done. So we dosed him up with some baby Orajel and Advil and he passed out before he even finished his bottle.

At least something works to give him a good night’s sleep! Hopefully today is a better day for the boy (and J!) 🙂

Update: 10/22/13 – Finally got a picture of those teeth!


Nom nom nom

After months of waiting and wondering, it looks like someone’s first tooth is working on making its big appearance. Finally!

In other news, we tried making our own baby food at home. We went to our local produce store and bought tons of fresh veggies. Came home and cooked and blended them and overall Jaxson seemed to like it. It wasn’t really cost effective for us though, so this definitely won’t be something we will do all the time. We still can’t get him to enjoy eating meat yet, but he loves these apple ginger teething biscuits made by Ella’s. We try to feed him organic food the majority of the time because it’s just better. We eat organic as much as possible too.

I’ll keep you posted on any further teeth developments!

8 Months

Jaxson turned 8 months old on 9/30. He is no longer a blobby baby but is instead growing into a big and strong little boy! The time is flying by at a pace too quick to comprehend and it seems that each week day he has changed in 100 little ways!

Overall, he is a very good boy. Sure he has those moments where mommies want to go jump off a bridge, but for the most part he has really outgrown that fussy baby phase and instead spends most of his time enjoying and learning about the world around him. Not to say he doesn’t have temper tantrums (he gets those from me lol) or have trouble sleeping (definitely a trait of J’s) because he does and those moments are hell. He makes up for it though with sweet moments where he is a snuggle butt and just cannot express how much he loves you!

Jaxson loves books and we try to read to him every night before bed. Bathtime is an absolute treat, he loves to splash and play with his squirty toys. When you squirt him with one, he belly laughs and your heart just melts. He’s been trying lots of new foods and we even made some fresh veggies ourselves in the blender for him. He isn’t a big meat fan, but it might be the texture so we will keep trying. Once he gets teeth (yep still no teeth in that drooly face of his!) we’ll be excited to give him some “real” food and see how that goes.

For now, things are finally settling down with us and we are just genuinely happy with our lives. Our home and our little family is the best! 🙂