Happy Halloween 2013! (Plus 9 Month Pictures)

Happy Halloween!

We went to the mall with Jax’s friend Noah and his parents and just walked around for the mall’s trick-or-treat event. Noah was Superman and Jax was, well he was a handyman and then later the Cat in the Hat. Since we live in Florida and it was 80+ degrees on Halloween, we didn’t want to have Jax out and about in his fluffy puppy costume because when he gets overheated, which he runs hot anyway, he gets really upset. Not cool!



Nevertheless, he got to wear his super cute puppy costume at home for his 9 month pictures and oh boy is he cute…





Seriously, this kid will now pose when you pull out your phone (we always take pictures with our iPhones) – he will just look over at you and give you an award-winning smile with his double dimples and his perfect Forbes 500 hair. *sigh*

We are going to have our hands full in a few years!


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