No More Prevacid!

It’s been over a week now since we stopped giving Jaxson the Prevacid altogether and he is doing SO great. He has had some minor spit-up/throw-up issues but nothing like it used to be, so we are finally able to just have a “normal” baby. We’ve been weaning him down off of it for a while now, slowly lowering the dose from 5 units as Dr. Helft advised. Toward the end he kept getting really mad about having to take the medicine, so I think he was ready to be done with it all too. Our goal was to have him completely off the Prevacid by his 9 month appointment with the doctor, and mission accomplished!

In other news, poor little dude has been a crankenfuss lately, not sleeping straight through the night and just being bitchy (yep I said it!) and when we checked on his teeth the other day, one of the top ones was bleeding a little. Not only that, but his gums are all so swollen across the top and bottom and you can see MORE teeth coming in now! I know that they usually come in as pairs, but this is intense! Poor kid has 4 more teeth poking through while the top two are still coming out. So we’ve been dosing him up with the Orajel before bed and even had to give him some Tylenol the other night to help him sleep. I know we’ve still got some time before all of them are in, and I’ve heard the molars are the worst, so I hope he will get a little bit of a break between teeth soon.


9 Month Check-Up

As Doc McStuffins says, “it’s time for your check-up!” and Jax had his 9 month check-up with Dr. Helft today. We didn’t have any major concerns for him this time, and Jax ended up not needing to get shots! He will get them at his 1 year appointment. J asked about Jax’s lip tie, and the doctor said it wasn’t really anything to be too concerned about yet, and said that his teeth look great coming in! Also, J asked about food allergies. Since she has some (certain melons, mango, and other tropical fruit, etc.) we were concerned about Jax having them too. We actually found that Gerber’s Orange and Banana baby food has mango hidden in it! So I’m glad that we found that out before feeding him since the doctor said to avoid anything J is allergic to for now. At a year old he’ll run an allergy test and see what all he’s actually allergic to and we’ll go from there.

The doctor said he gained a bunch of weight and quick from his last visit, but Jax is very proportionate so he wasn’t concerned. He said our feeding schedule was great and that Jax is very healthy overall. His head circumference was 18.25″ and he weighed a little over 22 pounds (75th percentile) and was a tall boy at 29.5″ (90th percentile)! Dr. Helft said to take the donor’s height (6’1″) and J’s height (5’5″) and average them together then add another 2 inches and that would be approximately what Jax will end up being. So that would mean he’ll be around 5’11” or so, which is perfect.

I sent out this picture at work today and all the girls about died. One even said he should be a model! LOL He sure is handsome, and a sweetheart too. 🙂


And then there were three…

Jaxson’s third tooth has made its appearance, seemingly overnight! He wasn’t sleeping through the night all of a sudden, had a bad attitude, and was extra needy of some snuggling time. The next morning we noticed his upper tooth coming in! Not only that but the one next to it is right behind and you can see it just under the surface now.

No wonder he was a beast! We felt so bad that we didn’t figure it out earlier, but we just weren’t expecting them to be coming in yet!

In other news Jaxson is now eating Stage Three foods (which just means it is more textured/realistic-ish) and he really loves eating the Gerber snacks for crawlers like cheese puffs and blueberry stars. Yum!

And speaking of crawling, he’s getting there! He kind of does this weird dead-leg crawl where he leaves one leg dragging behind him as he pushes with the other and pulls himself along by grabbing the floor ahead of him. It’s not like he can’t or won’t move the other leg, just that he’s too lazy to really make an effort. Or maybe he is just weird. We’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Here’s the new tooth: