And then there were three…

Jaxson’s third tooth has made its appearance, seemingly overnight! He wasn’t sleeping through the night all of a sudden, had a bad attitude, and was extra needy of some snuggling time. The next morning we noticed his upper tooth coming in! Not only that but the one next to it is right behind and you can see it just under the surface now.

No wonder he was a beast! We felt so bad that we didn’t figure it out earlier, but we just weren’t expecting them to be coming in yet!

In other news Jaxson is now eating Stage Three foods (which just means it is more textured/realistic-ish) and he really loves eating the Gerber snacks for crawlers like cheese puffs and blueberry stars. Yum!

And speaking of crawling, he’s getting there! He kind of does this weird dead-leg crawl where he leaves one leg dragging behind him as he pushes with the other and pulls himself along by grabbing the floor ahead of him. It’s not like he can’t or won’t move the other leg, just that he’s too lazy to really make an effort. Or maybe he is just weird. We’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Here’s the new tooth:



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