9 Month Check-Up

As Doc McStuffins says, “it’s time for your check-up!” and Jax had his 9 month check-up with Dr. Helft today. We didn’t have any major concerns for him this time, and Jax ended up not needing to get shots! He will get them at his 1 year appointment. J asked about Jax’s lip tie, and the doctor said it wasn’t really anything to be too concerned about yet, and said that his teeth look great coming in! Also, J asked about food allergies. Since she has some (certain melons, mango, and other tropical fruit, etc.) we were concerned about Jax having them too. We actually found that Gerber’s Orange and Banana baby food has mango hidden in it! So I’m glad that we found that out before feeding him since the doctor said to avoid anything J is allergic to for now. At a year old he’ll run an allergy test and see what all he’s actually allergic to and we’ll go from there.

The doctor said he gained a bunch of weight and quick from his last visit, but Jax is very proportionate so he wasn’t concerned. He said our feeding schedule was great and that Jax is very healthy overall. His head circumference was 18.25″ and he weighed a little over 22 pounds (75th percentile) and was a tall boy at 29.5″ (90th percentile)! Dr. Helft said to take the donor’s height (6’1″) and J’s height (5’5″) and average them together then add another 2 inches and that would be approximately what Jax will end up being. So that would mean he’ll be around 5’11” or so, which is perfect.

I sent out this picture at work today and all the girls about died. One even said he should be a model! LOL He sure is handsome, and a sweetheart too. 🙂



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