It’s no secret that Jaxson LOOOOOOOOVES Micky Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Jr. He will literally race from one end of the living room to the other to be closer to the TV so he can watch, and when the Hot Dog song comes on at the end of every show, he dances along with the best of them, scooting around on the floor shaking his head or if he’s standing, bee-bopping as best a wobbly 11 month old can do. It’s adorable.

So it was no question what the theme of his First Birthday would be. Oh boy. The big ONE – yikes! How did it come so soon? Didn’t J just go into labor this morning? It’s amazing how quickly this past year has flown by and we’ve enjoyed getting to know our little guy. He’s perfect (most of the time).

Anywho, putting our DIY skills to the test and giving us something else to do together after Jaxson goes to bed, J and I made our own Mickey Mouse invitations for Jax’s birthday party! There were moments while we were cutting and gluing and oopsing where we asked what we’d gotten ourselves into, but after seeing the finished product we are really proud of and super excited to send out to all the guests. Much like the DIY Crib Rail Covers I made a couple of weeks ago, the point of making our own invites was not perpetual frustration at running out of glue, but rather to save some money. Plus it felt good to put our heart and time into making something ourselves!

We got a lot of the supplies on sale at Michael’s after Christmas. Score! So our cost-breakdown ended up being:

  • black card stock for about $1.00 (the pack was already cut into 75-6×6 squares for $2.50 – we’re using the extra to make decorations)
  • white card stock for about $0.50 (we only needed 3 sheets but needed to pick up a whole pack ($4) for other projects anyway)
  • red card stock for about $1.50 for 3 sheets by themselves
  • yellow card stock for about $0.50 (the pack of colored card stock was $5, but we only used 2 sheets of yellow, we’ll use the rest in the future for other projects)
  • 2 packs of 10 6×6 plain white envelopes for $4
  • Mickey Mouse stickers on sale for $2 for 3 sheets.

Grand Total: $9.50, to make 20 invitations. The total cost including the extras was about $20, so still not bad! The funny thing is the stamps to mail 20 invitations ended up being the same amount as the invitations themselves!

This is compared to the pre-made store-bought regular ol’ not very exciting or remarkably cute Mickey Mouse invitations that were $9 for a pack of 8. We needed 20 so we would have had to buy 3 packs for a total of $27.00, so I think we did pretty good DIY-ing for 1/3 of the cost! And we ended up with a beautiful finished product, super cute and complete with that personal touch. Check them out!


Invite & Envelope – check out Jaxson’s personalized address label!


Back of the envelope!

I’m really happy with how they turned out, even though we hit a few bumps in the road. I know he won’t appreciate all the hard work that went into making them, but I had a good time getting crafty!


  1. Cut black card stock into the shape of a Mickey Mouse silhouette (I found a template online and then traced it onto the card stock)
  2. Cut red card stock into a semi-circle that is the size of half of Mickey’s head (this is for his pants)
  3. Cut white card stock into tiny ovals, 2 per invitation (these are the buttons on his pants)
  4. Assemble the front of the invitations – glue the red semi-circle to the bottom half of the black Mickey silhouette, then glue on the buttons.
  5. Format the wording for the back of your invitations (we decided to do yellow balloons in the ears with a cute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse saying, and the main body of the invitation on white card stock below). We used Microsoft Publisher to “draw” the balloons with shapes and add the words, and to format the circles to fit on the back side of Mickey with the information. This took some trial and error…good luck!
  6. Cut out the pieces for the back of the invitation and assemble – we glued on the body of the invitation, then the yellow balloons in the ears.
  7. Let everything dry! Address the envelopes while you wait or print out address labels like we do, then add your invitation, seal, and mail!

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