Jaxson’s First Cold

There is a first time for everything and the time has come for Jaxson’s first cold. After getting our flu shots at his one-year check up earlier this month, J came down with a cold a week later. She had a migraine and was up getting sick all night, then slept through the next day while my mom took Jaxson for the day so she could rest. A day or two later and Jax and I both had the sniffles and he slept – A LOT. At least he was really good for J while she was still recovering. I thought that I had escaped the sickness myself, but Tuesday afternoon I started having a sore throat and some sinus pressure and then woke up Wednesday morning with a full-blown cold – congestion, cough, sore throat, exhausted, etc. Yay. 😦

Due to her asthma, any cold J gets generally lingers for a really long time and moves to her chest and becomes bronchitis (or in extreme cases, pneumonia). Luckily she had some antibiotics still on the shelf and I think she headed off the worst of the chest cold, although she still has the annoying cough/clearing her throat and is really run-down. I have an allergy to all but two antibiotics so my doctor is really conservative in treating my sickness/sinus infections so I don’t build up an intolerance/immunity to the antibiotics I can still take – so I’m “roughing” it with my Dayquil/Nyquil, Vitamin C gummies, and orange juice. After 2 years of not getting sick, I guess I’m due, but it doesn’t seem too horrible so I’m not going to the doctor unless I’m dying!

Jaxson’s done way better than either of us have (at least, so far) – he was tired a lot more than usual for two days and he had some sinus goop going on but nothing too nasty – he’s not trailing snot through the house/leaking profusely from the nose and we have the Johnson’s & Johnson’s Vapor Bath stuff we’ve been using each night which has really helped with his congestion. He also coughed some, but I think it was more to mimic J coughing than an actual cough. We found an all-natural infant cough/sore throat medicine made from Agave nectar which really helped him – and us! There were a couple times where he just got unbearably cranky/fussy and had trouble sleeping, but since two more teeth decided to pop through in the midst of all this, it could have been from that instead of the cold. We gave him some orange juice for the first time and he LOVED it so I’m sure that also helped him head off the worst of this sickness. YAY!

So it looks like Jaxson’s first cold wasn’t anything super exciting like ours and it seems like he’s got a pretty good immune system for which we are very thankful. Now hopefully Moms will get better soon so we can get back to playing!


One Year Check-Up

I totally flaked and forgot to post Jaxson’s updates about his 1 year check-up at the pediatrician back on 2/4. We had some minor concerns and as always, Dr. Helft is amazing and he and his nurses took good care of us while we were there.Β There have been some scary cases of people dying from the flu locally, so he urged us to get Jax a flu shot and I wanted us to get it too – luckily they could do it for us right there in the office so we wouldn’t have to go to CVS or Walgreens (which was a relief!). We all even got a cool Crayola crayon-shaped band-aid afterwards like the cool kids we are. πŸ™‚

So the concerns we brought up (and the subsequent answers) were as follows:

1. When to start weaning off formula? The simple answer, now. As you recall, Jax had A LOT of problems with formula just starting out and ended up on Similac Alimentum for sensitivity/colic/etc. which he had throughout his first year. At this age most babies start switching over to whole milk, but we were concerned that he could have an allergy (like J does) or lactose intolerace (like I do). Dr. Helft ordered an allergy test for us (especially since J is allergic to all sorts of things – cats, dogs, pollen, milk, mango, some melons, etc.) and gave us two cans of the hypoallergenic toddler formula by Enfamil to try out.

2. What about his coloring? Jaxson was bruised very badly when he was born, and it caused pretty bad jaundice in his first month or two of life. Most of the bruising is gone now (although in the light, you can still see the one on the bridge of his nose and under his eyes) but he still has some yellow coloring on his nose, feet, and hands. We thought maybe we were feeding him too many orange foods but we were worried it could be some sort of jaundice left over. So Dr. Helft ordered a bilirubin test for the jaundice and a liver function test just to make sure everything was working properly. (This was on top of the routine lab work he orders for their one year check-up.)

3. What about Jaxson’s feet turning out when he is pulling up on things to stand, or when “walking”? This was more of a grandparents’ concern than our own, but since two grandparents mentioned it on separate occasions we thought we’d ask. Turns out there’s nothing to worry about, since he’s not walking on his own yet and having this issue, its just him learning how to move and catch his balance and being all bendy like babies are. So nothing to worry about there and Jaxson won’t be running around a la Forrest Gump any time soon. πŸ™‚

We left with our samples of formula, one year shots and flu shot for Jax, flu shots for Moms, and went on our way. We made the appointment for Jaxson to go to the outpatient lab for blood work the next day (his first time since being a wee babe with all those jaundice troubles!) and we were admittedly nervous. We didn’t know how he’d react to being held still and/or how much blood they’d need to take. J said she handled it worse than he did, as I was at work and couldn’t be there, but that he came through just fine and charmed all the girls in the lab while he was at it. That’s our boy!

We just got the results in late last week and all of his blood work turned out just fine. He’s perfect! No liver problems or residual jaundice – they said that some kids don’t metabolize orange foods (the beta-carotene) as well as others and it can give them the yellow/orange coloring, but its nothing to be concerned about. And the best news – he has ZERO allergies! – to cats or dogs, to milk, or to pollen. Woohoo! J is a serious allergy sufferer and has asthma too, so we were worried Jax would end up with many of the same allergies himself. For now, at least, he checked out fine and was cleared to start on whole milk and weaning off the formula. The only thing the allergy test didn’t check for was allergies to tropical fruit, so they advised us to just stay away from it for him since J is severely allergic. That will be easy since we never have mango around (even though I like it) because of her allergy – God forbid I ate some and then kissed her – she’d blow up like a balloon, she’s that sensitive!

So our little trooper finished out his hypoallergenic formula and started on whole milk this week and is doing great with it. Although he didn’t really like it at first, we warmed it up some and he started getting used to it. YAY! No more stinky/expensive formula! We had a few cans left over and are giving them to the pediatrician’s office – they’ve helped us out over the past year with samples and freebies so its the least we can do to pass on the help to another family.

He only gets two (three max) bottles a day now,Β  one in the morning and one before bed, sometimes another before his afternoon nap depending on his schedule that day. We’re trying to start weaning him off of the bottles altogether because honestly, he prefers using a sippy cup to a bottle hands-down. So that’s our next goal for him! He loves big people food and is starting to refuse the baby foods in the packs, he will still eat the squeezy pouch foods 90% of the time without an issue, but I think that is going by the wayside soon. He prefers to eat whatever we are eating, and I have to be honest – I like it too. Its messier but way easier to just give him some of our dinner on a plate if we’re out or at home, and he has a good time eating with us instead of someone feeding him then eating their cold plate of food after he’s done.

That’s it for now – and before I forget again, here’s his stats from the one year check-up – Tall Skinny Boy! πŸ™‚


Party Animal

Jaxson is so good with people. Friends, family, strangers – it doesn’t matter, he loves everyone! He’s never given us an issue going to anyone that’s wanted to hold him (ok, well ONE time but I completely understand why!) and he doesn’t look around fretfully for mommies if someone new is holding him. He’s Mr. Personality with a capital P and I’m so delighted that he isn’t afraid of social situations (unlike me, as I’m super shy and take a looooooong time to warm up to people. But that’s beside the point!)

Jaxson had a GREAT first birthday party (other than sweating to death since it was 80+ degrees in FEBRUARY – Oh, Florida). We held the event at a local park of ours that had a covered outdoor pavilion with picnic tables. It cost a little bit of money to rent it but it was definitely worth it to avoid having to have 40 people at our house, eating no less. (We’re a little clean-freaky so yes, that was a concern.)

We had Jaxson’s actual birthday celebration at home on his birthday itself, January 31. He loved getting to open gifts! And he had some cake too, although he seemed like he wasn’t a huge fan – maybe it was too sweet.





My best friend from high school came down the night before and she helped us pick up the food the morning of the party and decorate too. She even helped clean up everything afterwards which was such a huge help. You never realize how much there is to do until you’re doing it! After all, one of the moms has to supervise Jaxson while the other actually accomplishes a task – that’s how we roll.

Let me just tell you about the damn birthday cake, while I’m on the subject. First off, we ordered his cake from Super Target because Publix only had a Hawaiian Luau Mickey Mouse themed cake and seeing as he’s a January baby it just didn’t seem right. So Super Target had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so we ordered it from them instead to be picked up at 2pm on Friday. I got off early on Friday to go pick up the cake and got there at 1:45 – the cake looked awesome except that….HIS NAME WAS SPELLED WRONG. Ugh, so I ask them to fix it and their version of “fixing it” involved scraping off the misspelled icing and re-writing over it, leaving the white icing showing through what was supposed to be the road. REALLY. Then I go back and ask if they can possibly just take the writing off and re-airbrush the road so that it doesn’t look like total crap. The baker grudgingly agreed then informed me that she had to scrape off the entire top and sides of the cake to RE-DO THE WHOLE THING. Seriously?! By this point, I’d been on the phone with J on and off again, we’re both crying, we’re both angry and frustrated, and gosh darn it we are on a time crunch! So the baker finally finishes the cake and hands it back, so I ask if I could get a discount since she had to re-do the cake twice. She looks at the clock behind her and promptly tells me that its only 8 minutes late because it is currently 2:08 and it was due to be done at 2pm. Angry, I take the cake, checkout, and head home. NOT a happy experience, but the cake ended up looking fine and we had a free $10 Target gift card we got last week buying diapers so we didn’t have to pay full-price at least. Ugh.


We had subs, popcorn chicken, fruit, potato salad, and all sorts of snacks. We even found some Mickey and Minnie chocolate-covered pretzels at Target. And we made our own favors – Mickey Mouse Oreos! They turned out so good, everyone was really impressed, and they were super yummy too. Jaxson got a “smash cake” free with his birthday cake we ordered, but he really did not like being gross and covered in frosting! Usually you see babies just go for the cake all crazed and insane, but he just daintily kept sticking one finger into it until finally J shoved his whole hand into the middle of it. Still, he wasn’t interested, so his friend Noah came to help him out.














After the party, those that hadn’t already seen our new house wanted to come over to visit, so we packed up all the gifts in Nana and Papa’s SUV (yes, we really needed an SUV to haul it all!) and we had about 20 people come back to our house for the “after-party”. Jaxson ended up napping through the insanity and we opened his presents while he was still sleeping (trust me, it was better that way!). He got so many wonderful, thoughtful gifts, and Mommies even got some gifts too (ie: diapers and wipes! LOL). And when he woke up he had tons of new toys to play with – SCORE!


His current favorite, a ride-on Batman toy!

Everyone had a wonderful time at the party and hanging out at our house afterwards, and we got to spend a little extra time with Chelsea, one of J’s cousins (aka my BFF!), after everyone else left. Despite all the stress it took to get the house cleaned to perfection, running around for the party the night before/morning of, and actually having the party, it turned out better than we could have thought AND we had enough food for our big Jewish family (J’s side) – that’s quite a feat! I guess we’re not so bad at this party-planning thing after all!

P.S. On a side-note, it was also the 6th anniversary of getting together on February 1st. There’s absolutely no way I could have ever guessed 6 years ago that I’d be spending our anniversary throwing our one-year-old son a birthday party. Incredible!! πŸ™‚