Jaxson’s First Cold

There is a first time for everything and the time has come for Jaxson’s first cold. After getting our flu shots at his one-year check up earlier this month, J came down with a cold a week later. She had a migraine and was up getting sick all night, then slept through the next day while my mom took Jaxson for the day so she could rest. A day or two later and Jax and I both had the sniffles and he slept – A LOT. At least he was really good for J while she was still recovering. I thought that I had escaped the sickness myself, but Tuesday afternoon I started having a sore throat and some sinus pressure and then woke up Wednesday morning with a full-blown cold – congestion, cough, sore throat, exhausted, etc. Yay. 😦

Due to her asthma, any cold J gets generally lingers for a really long time and moves to her chest and becomes bronchitis (or in extreme cases, pneumonia). Luckily she had some antibiotics still on the shelf and I think she headed off the worst of the chest cold, although she still has the annoying cough/clearing her throat and is really run-down. I have an allergy to all but two antibiotics so my doctor is really conservative in treating my sickness/sinus infections so I don’t build up an intolerance/immunity to the antibiotics I can still take – so I’m “roughing” it with my Dayquil/Nyquil, Vitamin C gummies, and orange juice. After 2 years of not getting sick, I guess I’m due, but it doesn’t seem too horrible so I’m not going to the doctor unless I’m dying!

Jaxson’s done way better than either of us have (at least, so far) – he was tired a lot more than usual for two days and he had some sinus goop going on but nothing too nasty – he’s not trailing snot through the house/leaking profusely from the nose and we have the Johnson’s & Johnson’s Vapor Bath stuff we’ve been using each night which has really helped with his congestion. He also coughed some, but I think it was more to mimic J coughing than an actual cough. We found an all-natural infant cough/sore throat medicine made from Agave nectar which really helped him – and us! There were a couple times where he just got unbearably cranky/fussy and had trouble sleeping, but since two more teeth decided to pop through in the midst of all this, it could have been from that instead of the cold. We gave him some orange juice for the first time and he LOVED it so I’m sure that also helped him head off the worst of this sickness. YAY!

So it looks like Jaxson’s first cold wasn’t anything super exciting like ours and it seems like he’s got a pretty good immune system for which we are very thankful. Now hopefully Moms will get better soon so we can get back to playing!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lindsay
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 15:19:03

    Wow! He must have the immune system of steel! I read that babies get something like 5-7 colds in their first year. For him to just get his first? Amazing! Hope you all heal soon!


  2. B
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 16:27:43

    Every mama we’ve told that to gives us a look of disbelief! I am sure it helps that he doesn’t go to daycare since J is a stay at home working mom. I’ve read your posts on Evie’s daycare cold adventures so I can’t imagine!


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