Tin Man

I’m at work and J just sent me a video of our little man walking around our living room. He even pauses for a dance break (usually we’ll say “Get yo booty on!” and he’ll start doing this). Nana calls him Tin Man, like the one from Wizard of Oz because he won’t bend his knees, but despite that he is doing amazing. YAY Jaxson! I’m so proud of him! 😀


Baby Steps

Last night, Jaxson gathered his courage and took his first solo steps. One minute he was standing at the gate between our dining and living rooms, I was in the kitchen making dinner, and J was in the living room tidying up. The next moment he was standing at the turtle tank looking up at Terrapin, which is a good 3 feet away.

“Jaxson just walked”, she told me, as I stood at the edge of the kitchen, watching. So J put him back by the gate again, took a few steps back, and encouraged him to go again. And go he did.

I’ve been so worried I’d miss his first steps while being at work one day. I only caught the last few seconds of his feat on camera, but he waited until we were both around to take his first steps, and I got to see the whole thing in person and that’s what counts! Now the trouble begins! To be honest, I’m mostly relieved…He’s too heavy to keep carrying around! 🙂

Afterwards we went to the park and since he was wearing shoes, we let Jaxson walk around and climb up and go down the slides and have a great time. He’s still getting used to shoes but did so great with them, usually he’s falling all over but he had pretty good balance! And then we went to Publix for some quick shopping and he ate a chocolate chip cookie while I pushed him he “drove” around in the car-shaped “fun cart” – which I’ve been waiting FOREVER to put him in and J finally agreed to try it out since it was a short trip. The result: Jax loved it and was the most behaved he’s ever been in the store. YAY – Success! He had a little road rage though and would get upset when we stopped moving. He’d turn around and look at me like WTF MOM and then we’d start going again, so he’d whip around, grab the wheel, and drive like a madman. 😀

He had a great big day yesterday, and I’m so happy I was there for it! Our little boy’s growing up so fast…yikes!


…that Jaxson is not always perfect.




And sometimes, he really is. 🙂



13 Months

Just a quick update to let you know what Jaxson’s been up to this month:

  • He’s not walking on his own yet, but started testing his limits taking a step or two between Moms and walking along the walls of the living room. He hasn’t gotten the hang of standing up without pulling up on something, but he’ll let go once he’s there. The other night he stood for over a minute until he realized we were watching him and then he sat down abruptly as if to say, “Okay Moms, show’s over!” Usually if he’s playing and standing, he doesn’t necessarily realize he’s let go but he’s been doing it more frequently of late and I’m hoping that’s a sign that walking is just around the corner!
  • His “vocabulary” has exploded the last week or so. He has a great concept of ideas and objects and their names. For example, if you tell him to do something, he can understand what you’re saying, such as: “Go get your nu-nu (our word for pacifier), its by your toys” he crawls over to his toy pile to look for it, finds it, and plops it in his mouth. My favorite is when J or I will ask “Where’s Mama?” and he will look at the mom that is not asking the question. He’ll also look for and find Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Papa, his toy monkey MoMo and Mickey Mouse (for which he just looks to the TV which is usually tuned to Disney Jr.).
  • You can ask him questions too, such as “Where’s Bubba?” or “Where’s the turtle?” and he will say “Bubba Bubba Bubba” and look around for him or say “Tuh!” for turtle and point. Oh yes, another skill he’s picked up is pointing…sort of. When you ask him to look for something that he can’t necessarily touch, like the ceiling fan, he’ll stretch out his arm and kind of wiggle his fingers at it.
  • And another skill, waving! Its still hit and miss from time to time on if he’ll actually wave at you when you want him to, but he knows what it means and when you’re supposed to do it. Stubborn.
  • He’s got 8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on bottom. And boy has he been a beast while these last two came in.
  • Sleep regression – oh what fun. He hit his 12/13 month sleep regression right on schedule and we endured about a week and a half of him fighting nap times, refusing to sleep even when visibly exhausted, waking up screaming multiple times in the night, and waking up earlier than usual. All three of us were sporting dark circles under our eyes the last few weeks and having bad memories of his newborn days! Last night he slept straight through the night, fingers crossed he keeps it up and we can say goodbye to this sleep regression until 18 months. Yay.
  • The changing table is still some form of torture device for him, or so it sounds when you put him on it to change him. The other day I just didn’t feel like dealing with him screaming/kicking/fighting me so I just put him on the floor to change him. He didn’t make a peep! We’re trying to find a tall enough dresser to convert to a changing table because he’s so tall, thinking that maybe he’s just pissed being on this too-small changing table with his feet propped up/hanging off. Who knows.
  • He’s definitely living up to being in the “toddler” stage of life, starting to throw tantrums if you take something from him or tell him no, throwing food on the floor from the high chair, and kicking/hitting/biting when upset. He has been well-acquainted with discipline at home, usually a warning or two then a little pop on the hand, leg, or butt/diaper. We’re not afraid of spanking him, we just don’t want physical discipline to be the first course of action. And wouldn’t you know it, the majority of the time he behaves! I think the key here is consistency, each and every time. If I give him a warning not to stand in the tub and sit him back down, he gets one more warning, and then its time to get out if he does it again and bathtime fun gets cut short that night. (We’ve had comments and criticism for fussing at him, which irks me, because people always say “he’s such a good boy, don’t fuss at him!”. Well, guess what? He’s good because he is disciplined. We’re not beating our child, we’re just ensuring that he is kind, respectful, and knows the proper ways to behave and function in society. So hate on, haters – that’s all I have to say about that. :))

Our good boy is getting SO big so fast and I just want to say STOP! HALT! Quit growing up so fast! But then I guess all moms must say this at some point! We are so blessed to have him in our lives and I am continuously grateful that the powers that be decided to put him in our lives! I can’t imagine life without him, even when tired beyond belief – damn sleep regressions. 🙂