15 Month Check-Up

Jaxson’s 15 month check-up was this morning with Dr. H. We love him and his office staff and nurses so much! We had extra Similac Alimentum left over so we brought it in and they were SO happy. They helped us out so much with free samples, the least we could do is give back as well so other families can benefit. That stuff is expensive!

The actual check-up went pretty well, we really didn’t have many concerns other than how the F do we get this boy to eat?? He’s pretty much abandoned veggies and fruit in favor of meat a la chicken nuggets and hot dogs. We’re not happy about this being his main diet so we wanted some advice. As long as he’s eating veggies/fruit out of the pouches, that’s fine to keep giving him those since he’s got one or two favorites that he will always eat. And we’re taking his water cup out of the living room so he doesn’t have access all the time since Dr. H thinks he’s just filling up on water and then that’s curbing his appetite for lunch and dinner. We can keep giving him the Greek yogurt for breakfast but Dr. Helft was pretty upset at how much milk we’ve been giving Jax, ie: Not enough at all.

At his age he needs about 24 oz a day, but we have been giving him an 8-10 oz bottle at night before bed only. Sometimes he’ll get a bottle before his afternoon nap but still – not enough to meet the requirements. We’ve tried it in a sippy cup and a bottle, but he won’t hold the bottle on his own nor will he drink it out the sippy cup at all. He even turns down chocolate milk! So the suggestion was, try a little strawberry milk syrup in there and see if he’ll drink it. And sure enough, he did! J loves strawberry milk so go figure! At least we’ve figured out some way to get him the milk and calcium he needs. Dr. H also said to forget about weaning him off the bottle right now, it’s still too soon and he needs the nutrition it provides. Fair enough.

Jax still pulls at his ears but Dr. H wasn’t concerned, everything there checked out fine. He’s still got the heart murmur but its not a huge concern right now since most of the time they resolve as he gets older, so we’re just keeping an eye on it for now. His feet are doing good too and no concerns there, and he’s walking like a champ now. And growing like a weed! Here are his latest stats:


I put his info into a height prediction calculator and it says he’ll be about 6′ tall, which I think is perfect! We always knew he’d be tall and the nurse was pretty amazed. She said that by the time they are 2 they are usually 36″ and he’s only 2.5″ away already! Dr. H was happy with how proportionate he is and overall Jax is a very healthy little dude. He’s also about to get in his bottom 1st molars, so that’s why he’s probably been a little extra fussy lately and refusing to eat.

Another thing Dr. H touched on was that right now, Jax is a “master manipulator”. He’s going to push every button, try every method he can think of, to get and do what he wants and get us to do what he wants. I’ve been saying this for a couple weeks now, especially when it comes to bedtime and him waking in the night. It’s time to start letting him “cry it out” and learn to put himself back to sleep, because the nice guy approach where we go in and lay him back down and have to stand there in the room until he falls back to sleep…however long that may take…is not going to work. We bought a video monitor a few weeks ago and Dr. H said that was perfect and would help us so much with dealing with Jax. He also said that consistency between J and I is vital right now and that to be successful in teaching him the behaviors that are acceptable we need to be a united front.

Now that we are armed with some information and a game plan for his eating habits and behavior, we feel a little better prepared. It’s hard when you get advice from parents, grandparents, siblings, What to Expect books, and online forums – every kid is so different that no single piece of advice can work for them all. And I think that’s what J and I need to do as parents – trust our gut, trust our instinct, we know what’s right for Jax, we can do this! I am just glad that J and I have each other as support and I know that together, we can raise our boy into the man we want him to become.  🙂


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