May 19

Two years ago today is the day our lives changed direction forever, before we even knew it. After a two cycle hiatus from trying to get pregnant, we were finally able to inseminate for May’s cycle. We were so relieved, so excited, yet nervous, anxious. We wanted it to work so badly but at the same time we were terrified – what if it does work?!

Our whole lives were going to change and we were scared of that, but it was a good scared, like waiting at the top of a roller coaster before the big drop. At the end of the ride you’re smiling and laughing and all THAT WAS AWESOME! but that moment of hesitation seizes you at the top, where you’re looking down the rails at the twists and turns to come, second-guessing yourself and the choice you made that brought you to the precipice. A heartbeat later and the brakes release and you’re zooming down the hill and twisting, turning, looping, and finally come racing to a halt at the station, heart pounding and hair windblown. A wild ride, scary but fun, and worth the long wait in line.

I can’t imagine our lives without Jaxson, crazy twists and turns and all. And today is the day that it all began, the day our baby boy began to grow in Mama J’s belly, and in our hearts. 🙂


(In)fertility Coverage for All!

It cost nearly $10,000 out of our pockets to conceive Jaxson using donor sperm, fertility medications, and appointments with a fertility specialist. And that wasn’t even doing more expensive procedures such as IVF. So many women are unable to get pregnant “naturally” and lack the funds to seek specialized treatment and/or have insurance coverage that doesn’t cover fertility treatments. Let’s make a change for women and couples all over the country who desire to be parents. Every woman deserves the opportunity to be a Mom!

PLEASE sign if you haven’t already. Together we can make a big change by taking the first small step by signing this petition.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Despite J having been sick since Friday night, we had a great Mother’s Day. Jaxson slept in, J mowed the yard, and we spent the rest of the day relaxing. It was a simple, no-fuss, quiet, peaceful day for us all.

We had made Mother’s Day cards for Grandma and Nana and made one for ourselves for our memory box. Our little man is getting so big – I love handprint art by kids, so I was happy to have his little handprints on our card. 🙂 Some may think its cheesy that we made our own Mother’s Day card, but I don’t. Hey – we are working with what we’ve got! He doesn’t go to daycare where kids usually make crafts for their parents, and it was an activity for us all to do together so that was fun. He really hated having the paint on his hands! This kid does not like being dirty…at least not yet. 🙂

Here’s the card he gave us:



It was a great day for us and we felt loved, blessed, and happy. We are so lucky to have this little man in our lives!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you Mamas, almost-Mamas, TTC-Mamas, and everyone else who fills the role of a Mama for someone. You are special, you are loved, and you are amazing. 🙂


15 Months

I’m late posting Jaxson’s 15 month updates, what can I say? Life with a toddler is crazy busy and he hardly sits still long enough to get dressed let alone try to take pictures. 🙂

At 15 months, Jaxson:

  • Is walking running – so we’ve started teaching him how to catch a toy football and run the ball, ending with a little touchdown dance. I’m convinced this boy will be a football player if J has anything to do with it.
  • Climbs the slide ladder at home with ease and scoots his way down all by himself now. He also just learned how to climb up on the sofa too. Uh oh.
  • Also runs amok at the park now and Mamas have to work hard to keep up with him! He’s a quick little dude and always makes friends at the park and is curious about what the bigger kids are doing over on their play area.
  • Will smile “on command” for pictures and loves taking selfies.
  • Has two new teeth working in, his bottom 1st molars, which means he’s been irritable and lacking an appetite, but thank goodness he’s been sleeping through the night (for the most part) at least!
  • Loves chicken nuggets and hot dogs, but also enjoys Greek yogurt and smoothies that J makes for him. There’s also a pouch from Earth’s Best that he loves, Spinach-Lentil-Brown Rice, and its one of the few he will always eat so we keep it on the shelf for days when he refuses to eat anything remotely healthy.
  • Is drinking more milk! We’ve followed Dr. H’s instructions to give him more per day, so now he gets milk with just a hint of chocolate or strawberry flavoring and he is doing very well with it.
  • Knows and will show you his hair, ears, eyes (he blinks), nose (he sniffs), mouth, tongue (sticks it out), teeth (makes a chomping motion), feet, hands, and belly. He will also tell you what sound his booty makes by blowing a raspberry!
  • Learned to drink from a regular straw!
  • Knows and will tell you the sounds a cow, monkey, sheep, cat, and bear say.
  • Pretends to talk on the phone by holding his phone/book/hand to his ear.
  • Enjoys art time! We have his first drawing on the fridge and he did yogurt art. Mama J put some vanilla yogurt in ziploc bags with food coloring and taped them down so he could squish to his heart’s content (although she said she thought she had more fun than he did with this project LOL).
  • Has started sticking his face in the bathtub water at night and thinks its the greatest thing ever! We’re signing him up for swimming lessons at our gym since both grandparents have pools at their houses and it’s a pretty good skill to have here in Florida.
  • Has an attitude and an independent streak not to be tampered with! He pushes us both away quite frequently if we try to direct him elsewhere and if we fuss at him for disobeying (such as not holding our hand when walking outside) he will shove us away and get pissed! He definitely inherited my short fuse and temper, and Nana says he acts a lot like J did as a baby.
  • Throws his food and cup on the floor all. the. time. which is sooooo aggravating! He knows what “done” means, and he can say it, but he likes to look at you, take a piece of food, and just drop it off his tray like WATCH THIS MOM. We’re still working on this, as if you are right there he will give it to you to throw/put away and say “done”…needless to say its still a work in progress.
  • Loves books! We read Mommy Hugs every night before bed and its his favorite. He also has a few books out in the living room and during the day he’ll just sit down and start “reading” them. I love it!
  • Gives the best snuggles ever. Despite his attitude, independent streak, and food-throwing, he really is a big love-bug and the big ol’ snuggles he gives make all the insanity worth it. 🙂

I’m sure I’m missing things as this is most definitely not an all-inclusive list of the skills he’s picked up this past month. He’s a beast – moving and shaking and never sitting still for long. We don’t do “official” monthly pictures anymore but I did want to share a few here. He’s getting so big and handsome and I just love him to pieces! 🙂