Some Little Updates

A quick update on the latest happenings in Jaxson-land:

  • Vocabulary: His newest catchphrase is “Oh nooooooooo!” Also he seems to be gearing up for sentences here soon. The other day he said “juice, Mama!” which is the best he’s done so far. Also, he can say please, thank you, excuse me, and bless you, although not consistently but enough that its clear he knows what he’s saying and the proper context it should be said in.
  • Skills: He tries to blow his nose if you hand him a tissue, and the other day he was playing at my parents’ house when all of a sudden he stopped, went into his diaper bag, pulled out a burp cloth, and started trying to blow his nose in it. At least he didn’t try to use his shirt! Speaking of shirts, he also tries to put his clothes on himself now. He can’t quite figure out how to get shirts over his head or socks on his feet but he knows where the clothes need to go and tries his hardest to do it.
  • Tantrums! Oh boy! What fun! He now full-on throws a fit, stomping his feet and flailing his arms and even throwing himself on the ground to let you know he’s pissed off. These usually happen any number of times/many situations, but usually involves a Mama that’s saying No to something naughty he’s doing. Or leaving Grandpa’s house. Or changing his diaper. If you heard it, you’d think changing a diaper was as painful as slamming your hand in a car door. At least, that’s what the tear-streaked cheeks and wails of agony coming from our child seem to indicate.
  • Teeth, namely using them to bite. Ugh. When will this end? It starts out with an over-eager toddler running toward you, big smile on his face, as he headbutts you and smashes his face into whatever appendage is closest. Aww how sweet! He’s giving me a big smooch. And then PINCH! what started out as a big smooch turns into a nibble. Honestly I’d say about 75% of the time he doesn’t mean it, he tends to kiss in a wide-open-mouth style at this stage so I think his teeth just get in the way. But then there are times when he does mean it and there is no doubt that he meant it. And those are the times he ends up in time-out.
  • Ch-ch-ch-changes! After talking to some other parents Saturday at our nephew’s 2nd birthday party, the general reply when we asked how they weaned seemed to be “Oh we just took the bottles away and said, No more, you’re a big kid now! And that was it.” We had nothing to lose, so we tried it. That Saturday night, we didn’t give Jax his bedtime bottle. Sunday night, no bottle. Monday night, no bottle. Tuesday night, no bottle AND no nu-nu (pacifier). The bottles have all been cleaned, sanitized, and packed away for the next baby. Folks, I think its safe to say our boy is night-weaned, just like that. Here we were trying to slowly lower the amount of milk he was getting at night, then tried doing it so it was mostly water and not milk, and he wasn’t giving it up (since he loves water). Now that bottles are a thing of the past, we just need to keep going forward without the nu-nu and we’re in business. I can’t believe how seamlessly he transitioned to bedtime minus the bottle. I think he must have been ready to give them up, which only made it simpler. No complaints here! We’ve also started implementing a “daycare schedule” with my dad watching Jax a couple days a week so J can focus on work those days and Jax gets some non-Mama time. I think it will have its difficulties at first but overall I know it is a positive change and I know Jax (and Grandpa) will love spending time together more often.

In other news, this was a really rough week (and yes I know it is only Wednesday) but some good has come of it. My cousin had her handsome baby boy, Oscar! My lovely wife got a well-deserved raise at work and now we’ll be able to pay off some debt and really get started saving up for our next big adventure – Baby #2. It no longer seems like some abstract idea or concept that we’ll be trying to get pregnant “someday”, but rather, a true possibility. I am so grateful that my wife works so hard on top of caring for Jaxson and that when the future looks bleak or I’m feeling down about timing, something always happens to renew my faith and bring good things our way. We are very blessed and thankful and lucky and (impatiently) waiting for the next chapter of our little family’s journey through life. 🙂


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  1. DeCaf
    Aug 20, 2014 @ 21:02:19

    I go to pieces when toddlers say “oh no!” it’s just so cute.


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