Forward Motion

Ahh it feels great to feel like we are making progress toward Baby #2! Today was my appointment to get established at the new OBGYN’s office and I love everything about them! Their office is beautiful and everyone was super friendly.

I loved the nurse practitioner that I saw today, Cori. I was nervous and she put me at ease the moment she walked in. We reviewed my history, medications, concerns, and of course baby-making questions. One thing that was really awesome was that she updated my file to include that I had a son with my wife and detailed out that J carried him and I was going to carry the next one. It’s just a little detail like that where they genuinely care about the whole picture and really getting to know their patients instead of just getting them in and out as quickly as possible. My appointment was 45 minutes long and she spent all but 5 of those minutes with me, so I was also really happy with how thorough and invested she was.

We talked about baby-making and the plan for that. I told J I almost crapped myself when she said, “Well are you ready to start this month?” I swear my mouth dropped to the floor and I stammered “Yes. Um no. I mean – yes but no. Uhh…” LOL She seemed pretty confident that Clomid and IUI would be my probable course of treatment once the time comes and we are really ready to start trying (which J informed me today that she is ready as soon as we get the all-clear and I’m ready, so this could be happening sooner rather than later!!)

The exam and pap itself were typical. She was very gentle and said everything felt normal when doing the pelvic exam. She also mentioned the fact that I have cystic breasts, which I’ve been told before, and I asked her what exactly that meant and she didn’t make me feel like it was a stupid question and explained that it was totally normal and could be from caffeine ingestion, that the fatty tissue just doesn’t lay flat and is bumpy instead of smooth. She assured me it was nothing to worry about, so I’m not. 🙂

She asked if there was anything else I wanted to discuss before our visit was over and I talked to her about the PCOS diagnosis 10 years ago and that I had only had the one abdominal ultrasound which didn’t show anything. I said I was curious how things were now that I had a spontaneous period without medication, and if losing weight has “fixed” me, and so she offered to do updated labs and an abdominal and vaginal ultrasound. They had an appointment available this afternoon so I took it so I could get everything out of the way in one day.

Another great thing about this practice is how many things they have in-house to make it easier on patients. Blood draws, ultrasound, massage, psychological services and counseling specifically for women, and midwives! I’m really excited to have the option for a midwife once I’m pregnant.

So this afternoon I went back and had my blood drawn, which went really great. I have difficult veins so I was very happy that I came away with barely a mark from the needle! Next were the ultrasounds and apart from having to pee like a mofo all went smoothly. It was so different being on the other end this time, you’d think after being there for all 100 (exaggeration) of J’s ultrasounds I would be prepared but I was still a jumble of nerves and squinted to try to make sense of the images on the screen. Obviously they don’t tell you anything while you are there, but I should  get the results in the next few days. I will be anxious and worrying about all the “what ifs” until then, I’m sure, because that’s how I roll. J assures me that everything will be fine and I really am positive it will all work out exactly how its meant to. 🙂

Either way, I’m impatiently waiting for my test results and finding out our next steps. I’m excited, and full of butterflies!


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  1. Lindsay
    Sep 23, 2014 @ 08:51:46

    This is very exciting! Can’t wait to follow your journey to baby #2!


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