Since September I’ve been religiously tracking my body’s signs of fertility, taking my temperature every morning, peeing on OPK sticks, trying to learn my body so that when we start trying to conceive, I’m prepared. I like doing this, I like feeling like I’m actively doing something toward bringing our next child into the world, not sitting idly by just counting the days.

Of course, my body seems to know that I’m getting ready for pregnancy and my hormones have been all over the place lately. Normally I get migraines due to hormonal changes throughout my cycle, but now that I’m tracking everything, I’m starting to see that I tend to get them twice – during my period, and then around ovulation as well. I also get hot flashes and serious nausea, and a quick visit to Dr. Google assures me that this is common due to the rapid rise & fall of estrogen around these times. Which makes sense, since estrogen-based birth control has always given me migraine attacks in the past.

I’ve also stopped taking all my medication for about a month now. Before you go freaking out, it’s okay. I was on blood pressure medication for migraine prevention, but honestly it hasn’t been working well for me for awhile now, and I’ve not noticed any real difference with or without it, other than I can now stay awake later at night instead of getting sleepy at 9. I’ve also stopped taking my Mobic for arthritis, which has actually been proven to interfere with ovulation. I had run out mid-August and didn’t have it again until the beginning of September, and get this – that’s the month I got my period! It makes me wonder if it’s been causing problems for me the whole time I’ve been on it. Both of these medications are Class C, which means they are generally unsafe in pregnancy, so I would have to stop them once pregnant anyway. And now that J and I have lost weight and become more active, I don’t really need the Mobic anymore. The only medication that I’ve kept up with is my Imitrex to treat migraines as they come, but once I go back to the doctor I’m going to ask for a pregnancy-safe migraine medication instead, at least so I can try it now and see how it works for me and what to expect. I hate taking medication at all, so to not have to take something daily anymore (besides my prenatal vitamins of course!) is really great.

I’ve also started cutting out caffeine. I’m not a caffeine addict like J is (she can’t function without her morning cup of Joe), and it doesn’t really affect me. For example, I can drink a venti Starbucks coffee and go to bed the next hour and sleep the whole night through without a problem, while J would be up all night. I was only drinking 16 oz of coffee in the mornings, but I’ve switched it out for green tea instead, which still has caffeine but much, much less. And besides, green tea is much better for you anyway, and I don’t mind the taste. My work has these fancy coffee/tea machines and they have a really good green tea, so its even free for me during the week.

Our weight loss has stalled, and there’s really no one to blame for it but ourselves. The weekends are always a diet-killer, since we’re out and about and just want to have a good time. I do keep up with my 30 minutes of walking every day at work on the treadmill, and on the weekends we’ve started doing more outside now that it’s cooling off. Plus having a nearly-two year old running around requires Mamas to run around a little bit too. I have kind of resigned myself to the fact that I may not get under 200 pounds by the time I get pregnant, but that’s okay. I think it might mess with my head to finally get there, then gain baby weight, and feel discouraged the whole time that I got to my goal and then promptly gained the weight back, even though it would be baby-related. I know this is something J really struggled with during her pregnancy with Jax, so as long as I’m eating better and staying active, I think I’ll be just fine and have a healthy pregnancy. There’s always time after this next baby to get down to my goal weight. 🙂

We’ve also started planning our nursery too, and have a little baby registry on Target started to store all the things we like as we find them. We both keep saying, “But what if its another boy?” but we laugh because we have both felt like it is going to be a girl since before Jaxson was born. Of course, J keeps thinking I’m going to have twins but I have only seen one more baby in my future, so we just might have to wait and see on that one. We already had her name picked out, and now we have a backup girl and boy name (well, just a boy’s middle name), just in case the twins thing comes true…oh boy. I’ve been wanting to get a new car for some time now, but we are waiting until after I’m pregnant so we can see how many babies are coming and then purchase a sufficient-sized vehicle accordingly.

Next up…doctor’s visit to get started on this journey toward baby #2! We want to start trying to conceive in December, because that’s what feels right to us, and what we feel the Powers That Be are guiding us toward, so we’re listening. Maybe that will bring us good luck and perfect timing, which is really all you can ask for in this journey. I told J we should go back and visit the Fertility Statues at Ripley’s in Orlando. After all, they worked for us last time! 🙂


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  1. DeCaf
    Oct 28, 2014 @ 10:28:07

    I hope time flies and you don’t have to suffer through too many twws.


  2. Denise
    Oct 28, 2014 @ 10:48:14

    So happy for you both,it will be wonderful for Jax to have a sibling! He will make an awesome big brother. The Two of you are already incredible parents!


  3. goodfamiliesdo
    Oct 28, 2014 @ 10:59:14

    I’ve had migraines since I could talk and they got really bad at 10. I started various saily medications at 11 and it messed me up worse. By 18 I swore them off but they started getting worse again at 21. I then figured out I have celiac and they went from 6 days a week to 1-2 days a week by going gluten free. They were bad in the beginning of pregnancy, with lots of dizzieness and nausea that made it worse because I wasn’t eating and drinking enough. My go-to pain medicines are ibuprofin and naproxen, both not really safe for pregnancy, though I researched ibuprofin more and discussed it with one of my midwives who told me it is actually safe from about 18 to 34 weeks. Since it was that or more trips to the ER, we decided it was a good idea for me to take it in that window. Pregnancy changes your hormones and your body so much that you won’t be able to predict what your migraines will be like. I am also jealous you all are about to ttc and I don’t know when that will be for me!


    • B
      Oct 28, 2014 @ 11:40:47

      That is really interesting! Migraines suck. I just hope it won’t be too bad during pregnancy. I’ve been wanting to TTC for years now so I’m excited that it is finally the right time for us and we feel prepared and in a place where we are able to proceed!


  4. Pops
    Oct 28, 2014 @ 11:50:24

    December will be here in no time! hope you get pregnant fast and 2015 welcomes you a baby girl 🙂 I wish we had some names as contenders.


  5. tonibear1415
    Oct 28, 2014 @ 14:25:41

    Wish u all the luck in the world x


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