Happy Halloween 2014!

Happy Halloween everyone! This year, Jaxson was a pumpkin. We figured it was potentially the last year we could get away with putting him in a “cutesie” costume as he would be old enough next year to have an opinion of what he wants to be. He had a great time walking the mall trick or treating, and by the end of the walk he was finally getting the hang of it. We let him play in the play area before leaving the mall, and he even had his first lollipop! He had a really fun night and it was a real treat to watch him and other children enjoying themselves. He kept getting smiles from other kids and parents of course, and he even pointed out a few costumes he liked that other kids were wearing. We were just happy (and impressed!!) that he kept his pumpkin hat on the whole night without a fight. I love our little pumpkin!IMG_5813 IMG_5821 IMG_5828 IMG_5829 IMG_5833


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