Just A Little Update

Hi all! It’s been a while since I last posted. Nothing too terribly exciting has been happening around these parts, so we’ve just been laying low and enjoying life.

Last I wrote, Jaxson was making progress using the potty. We’re not at all pressuring him and it seems to be working pretty well. He’s pretty good about telling us when he’s pooped or peed, however he tends to tell you when he has to poop RIGHT THEN. So we don’t always make it to the potty before he goes in the diaper. BUT we did get him to pee on the potty a few times in a row and I’m finding consistency/routine is what’s working here. Every night when he takes a bath, he usually pees. So instead, we sit him on the potty while the water is warming up and bingo – usually he ends up peeing in the potty before he gets in the bath. He was really freaked out at first, like he had done something wrong, and he was watching it like OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING! We try not to laugh, but the looks on his face – how can you not?

His vocabulary is absolutely exploding. He’s using sentences, with proper grammar and pronouns! He’s gotten the hang of asking for things by saying “I want ___ please.” My favorite thing he does is singing. He has a book called Snuggle Puppy, which is a song the adult dog is singing to the baby puppy. He loves to sing along with us and will even sing it on his own. Hearing his little voice saying “Snuggle Puppy of MIIIIIIIIIIINE!” is hands-down one of the sweetest things.

He’s been really into J lately, always asking her to play with him or read him a bedtime story or snuggling with her on the couch, even when I’m right there trying to interact with him. I know this is just a phase this age group goes through, and Jax and J spend the majority of their time together so it’s just reinforcing that, but I get jealous! When I get home from work I try to play cars with him or play outside and he plays with me for like 3 minutes and then he’s ignoring me and looking around for her. Of course, she just wants a break and I just want to spend time with him, but he wants what he wants and right now he wants his Mama. That’s not to say he’s not a total sweetheart to me sometimes, he’s just way more interested in being and playing with her right now. That’s okay, as long as I still get big snuggles too (which I do).

We’ve been eating at home much more often now for the sake of budgeting and dieting, so we’ve been a little more firm with Jaxson regarding eating dinner. He loves steak, so any night we have that we at least know he’ll eat it. We tried Brussels sprouts together last night; I loved them, he did not. But at least he tried it! Another new food he’s tried is popcorn – and he loves it! We get the healthy 100 calorie mini packs and we share a bowl almost every night after dinner.

J and I got to take a much-needed date this past weekend! My parents watched Jax for us and we went bowling (J won all 3 games because…well I suck at bowling! LOL) and we had a great time. We’ll definitely be taking Jax in the Summer when they do the free bowling program! We grabbed Starbucks and went Easter basket shopping since Jax wasn’t with us to snoop on what he’s getting. We had lunch at Panera and almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves not having to oversee a toddler’s eating and we got to eat HOT FOOD. It wasn’t a huge date, but it was a date, which is few and far between for us. We were just really excited to get to spend some time together and get out of the house to do something fun.

On the baby-making front, after two months of waiting, we’re only about two weeks out from starting our next cycle. We are excited! It’s been a longer break than we anticipated, but we both agreed that we feel confident with the timing and more prepared this time around. I’m doing the Femara/Letrozole this time and hoping it does the trick. We have two sperm-pops at the doctor’s office, but I’m hoping we only have to try once more before getting pregnant. Our 3rd wedding anniversary is April 27th and I would be so excited if the timing worked out to do the IUI around then. What a great anniversary present that would be!

Regardless, we’re excited, ready to go, and feeling good about it all. C’mon Baby #2!! We just can’t wait to have another one. We are constantly amazed at our boy and forever thankful for just how blessed we are to have him. He is a lovely and wonderful little man that surprises us each and every day with his kindness and love. We really did hit the great-kid jackpot with him.

I hope we can hit it again soon!



Snuggling with Bubba

Snuggling with Bubba

King of the Playground

King of the Playground


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shannon
    Mar 31, 2015 @ 12:27:22

    Sometimes the simple dates are the best!


  2. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama
    Apr 02, 2015 @ 09:09:03

    I Worry that when I’m at work all day, the boys are forming a bond with my wife and they will want nothing to do with me when they get older! It’s terribly sad, and even though I know it’s not true, i still get upset about it! So I hear ya on that! I get jealous that she is home all day with them and I’m not.

    Date night! YAS!!! We live for those! And hot food? What is that?! LOL! Also we did he free bowling last year and it was AWESOME!!! We went twice a week, and only paid 6 bucks for shoes…I paid the $20 for 2 adults for the summer too, which is well worth it!


    • B
      Apr 02, 2015 @ 11:39:11

      Awesome! I think Jax will really like it, there were a bunch of kids there when we went and they looked like they were having a blast!


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