Let’s Try This Again

I had my follow-up ultrasound today and … zero. My ovaries are basically on pause and the Clomid didn’t work for me (shocker). I was nervous but went in expecting the worst and landed somewhere in the middle.  

The good news is I don’t have to wait until next cycle. I went for labs today after my appointment and got the call this evening that I’m good to start a round of 5 mg Femara/Letrozole tomorrow.  

I go back next Thursday, and I’ll have another ultrasound to see if the Letrozole helped me recruit an egg. Depending on how it worked, we’ve discussed doing injectables to grow those follicles! Eek!

At least they told me that they have “emergency stock” they can give me if it comes to that. A vial of 300 units is about $300 so the freebie would be great. Really, I’m not surprised it’s come to this point.  I’m just annoyed with my body, but hoping that the Letrozole helps. If not, we’re looking at injectable-only cycles…but we are just taking it one step at a time and hoping there won’t be a next time. šŸ™‚


18 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Molly
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 18:03:39

    I’m so glad they’re able to try femara. I so hope this works! I can’t believe clomid was SUCH a flop.


  2. Curious B
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 18:30:07

    I think how my dr explained it was Clomid tells your ovary what to do and femara tells your brain what to produce for the ovary. They effect different systems and hopefully this will work for you! I’m on femara and like the side effects much more. Lol. GOOD luck!


  3. My Perfect Breakdown
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 18:34:58

    I really hope femara works for you!!


  4. thebarrenlibrarian
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 19:08:48

    I hope letrozole works for you, but let me just say this-if it doesn’t I would advise waiting to a new cycle to try injectables. They’re so pricey and I had almost the exact same thing happen in the cycle before I got pregnant-I wasn’t responding to pills. My RE said we could go ahead and try injectables, but it was so far i to the cycle that he thought id do better and get a better result to wait for a new cycle and a new uterus so to speak. Hopefully that’s all irrelevant and the letrozole work, but I’m glad I waited because that next cycle is what landed me with this baby girl.


  5. DeCaf
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 21:57:27

    I hope Femara works. I think one type of injectables if going generic this year, which should bring the price down a little.


  6. Becca
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 22:28:37

    I’ve heard good things about femara, hopefully your body responds well to it. So glad your doc is on it so you don’t have to wait it out.


  7. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama
    May 01, 2015 @ 08:48:26

    UGH! How frustrating! I do have an extra supply of Follistim that expires in 3 months if you want it! In case you have to go on injectables…it’s about $600 worth of the stuff! And an extra pen that we never used and needles, so let me know!


  8. Twopicklesmama
    May 02, 2015 @ 16:23:48

    What an interesting explanation, Curious b! Hoping you get somewhere with femera xxx good luck!


  9. Twopicklesmama
    May 02, 2015 @ 16:25:08

    I don’t remember which injectable a I took for IVF but they certainly grew me some follicles! Good luck!!


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