We’re Really Going To Do This

Clomid? Check. OPK’s? Check. Ovidrel? Check. Supplies for home IUI? Check. Sperm? Scheduled for pickup on Monday afternoon.

J got her period last night so today is her official CD 1. She’ll be doing Clomid 50 mg CD 5-9 and starting OPK’s on CD 9 (ours don’t react to Clomid, we checked!) until CD 11. We’ll be triggering with the Ovidrel on CD 11 unless she gets a positive OPK prior to that, and then we’ll do the IUI 36 hours later at home.

We’re both very excited (and nervous and scared and anxious). We’re really going do this. All I keep thinking is, “What if it works?”

I’m trying not to get too overly hopeful or be crazy optimistic, but I have a good feeling. If we get pregnant this time, it will have been just us two making a baby, which is what we always wanted. Simple, normal, regular. I want it to work so badly. I really hope it does.

Written June 25, 2015.


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