Is It Over Yet?

Oh, the suspense is killing us. J tested again the day before yesterday and it was definitely negative. She thought she was feeling better and not as tired, and then not five minutes later she had a bout of fatigue. She’s been having more cramps and she’s been really irritable and her road rage has been a little more intense than usual. She said she feels like her hormones are totally out of whack. Her allergies have also been worse and she’s started having trouble with her asthma (she woke up last night having an asthma attack).

She’s been feeling kind of down and disappointed that she hasn’t gotten a positive test yet, but the rational side of her tells her it really is just too early to know anything for certain. She said she wants to test every single day, but so far she’s only tested twice. We have two more tests left but I hid them so she wouldn’t be tempted. LOL

We wanted to hold out for testing again until Monday, but we will see what really happens. You know how it goes.

Written July 17, 2015.


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