Damn Blue Tests

J’s been testing every day. Every day it’s been a negative…or has it? We know you aren’t supposed to look at the tests after the timeframe or whatever, but you just can’t help it, ya know? It sucks. We are over here convincing ourselves that the test could maybe possibly a little bit be positive.

That was the First Signal tests. Today was her first time trying out the Equate “compare me to FRER” tests. Dude, those tests barely pick up 25 mIU. FRER’s have been shown to pick up as low as 6 mIU. Sooooo yeah. Plus they are blue-dye tests whereas the FRER’s are pink dye which is notoriously more reliable, or so they say.

Anyway, she took the Equate test this morning at 6:45 a.m. and it was negative…we think. I swear there was a whisper of a line within the timeframe, but we both thought we were just tricking ourselves into seeing what we wanted to see. Plus the damn blue dye stained the whole test line window, so it’s hard to read just for that alone. We fell back asleep for a couple of hours and when we looked at the test again, the faint line was still faint, but darker. It’s only gotten darker during the course of the day, so we are saying it was inconclusive. It could be a yes, but it could very well still be a no. But there is definitely a line there. Ugh.

Tomorrow is T-Day, official testing day and the day J’s period is due. I’m curious to see what her temperature will be tomorrow, as it had a bit of a drop this morning from 9.7-97.9 the past few days to 97.5 today. Her wake-up time was a little earlier than normal, it was very cold in our house this morning, and we’d been up talking and snuggling with Jaxson prior to her taking her temperature, so it could have been thrown off by all that. Who knows… it’s still above coverline but pretty close. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

I really want it to be a YES, of course we both do. J’s been struggling with nausea still and having food aversions and crazy sensitivity to smells. She’s also been having localized cramps on the left side of her uterus as well as all over. Any of this could be her period waiting for us around the corner, or it could be implantation. I’m prepared for her period to show up tomorrow, but hoping it won’t. I would just be so excited to have some good news right now, especially since things have been so crappy and stressful with me losing my job. We’ve been bummed out over here, and having some good news would be awesome right now. 🙂


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