Post-Chemical Pregnancy RE Visit

Today we had our visit with Dr. Chamoun. We had to bring Jaxson since we couldn’t get a sitter so last minute, but he was a gem and of course charmed everyone there. We talked with the doctor for about thirty minutes, and he seemed concerned that I was so quiet and questioned why we were switching from me to J. We told him that it was because our next step using me would be major injectables IUI or IVF, neither of which we can afford right now. We knew that J’s plumbing worked, so we were hoping she would be an easy (and cheaper) alternative to continuing with me.

He sent her for labwork to check all her hormone levels and we went to get those done after the appointment. As long as everything comes back okay, we will proceed with the next cycle doing our IUI. We go to pick up our last vial of Todd from Cryos on Friday and have to drop it off with the doctor’s office next week. We are a little sad that we don’t get to get right back to it and try this cycle, but I think the wait will be a good time for us to work on our diet (going low-carb again…) and health overall to prep J for pregnancy.

Written July 23, 2015


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