Jaxson’s Page

This is a timeline of the milestones we wanted to remember after Jaxson showed up!

January 31, 2013: Today should have been our 39 week check up, but Jaxson showed up early! You can read about it here: Happy Birthday Jaxson! and Jaxson’s Arrival.

February 2013:

  • February 3: Jaxson finally gets to come home from the hospital! Two Mamas are very happy today. 🙂
  • February 14: Jaxson’s First Valentine’s Day!
  • February 28: Jaxson is one month old today! He had bad jaundice when he was born and had to be on the lights at home and get bloodwork done every other day for two weeks. Finally his levels are perfect and he’s doing great!

March 2013:

  • March 31: Jaxson is two months old today!

April 2013:

  • April 2: Jaxson has his 2 month check-up and gets his first round of shots…yikes! We’ve switched him to all different formulas but nothing’s helping his belly. So we finally ended up on Similac Alimentum for his reflux and boy what a difference!
  • April 13: Jaxson’s first road trip to Tampa for Cousin R’s birthday party! He did great!
  • April 30: Jaxson is three months old today!

May 2013:

  • May 31: Jaxson is four months old today! Jax went swimming for the first time this month and he hated it! We tried again the next week and he really enjoyed it, so we think it just may have been too cold the first time.

June 2013:

  • June 30: Jaxson is five months old today! He can roll over from belly to back and loves playing in his walker (without the wheels). Disney Jr. has all his favorite shows: Mickey Mouse ClubHouse, Sofia the First, and Doc McStuffins are big hits.

July 2013:

  • July 4: First 4th of July!
  • July 26: We moved into our first home!
  • July 31: Jaxson is six months old today! We started First Foods and he loves veggies. And he’s starting to sit up without support now!

August 2013:

  • August 9: Jaxson’s 6 month check-up and shots – he did amazing as usual!
  • August 31: Jaxson is seven months old today! He has a healthy attitude and throws temper tantrums now, but he also “kisses” you (we call it the hug-kiss since he’ll snuggle you and gum your neck/face). He tried crawling but doesn’t really want to yet, so its usually just a bunch of screaming until you pick him up or sit him back up again.

September 2013:

  • September 30: Jaxson is eight months old today! Jaxson loves when you read to him at night before bed, and he really enjoys bathtime now (playing, splashing, etc). He still loves veggies the most but when we tried to give him meats he just gagged himself and spit it all back out.

October 2013:

  • October 13: Jaxson’s getting his first tooth!
  • October 17: And here comes tooth #2!
  • October 26: Jaxson’s first time at the park – he loved swinging and we even tried going down the slide but it was wet from morning dew.
  • October 31: Happy Halloween! Jaxson is also nine months old today! He army crawls, butt scoots, and rolls around the floor to get around, and he races around the house when he’s in his walker! He loves to be outside on the porch with us and to go for walks around our neighborhood. He’s started becoming more vocal, saying D, M, and N sounds, along with the occasional “yeah” for good measure. We’ve even gotten a few mom-mom’s too!

November 2013:

  • November 9: Jaxson’s third tooth is coming in with the fourth one not far behind!
  • November 27: Happy Hanukkah!
  • November 28: Happy Thanksgiving!
  • November 30: Jaxson is 10 months old today! He’s Speedy Gonzales when crawling and looked right at our cat and said Bubba! He’s got a little attitude and has started pinching/biting/kicking/etc. He’s learning how to pull up on things and is ready to start walking, if only he could figure out that balance thing!

December 2013:

  • December 2: Jaxson pulled up from sitting to standing on his own for the first time!
  • December 8: Jaxson sits up his own (from laying down) for the first time! And he’s mastered pulling up to standing and is even cruising now, too.
  • December 25: Merry Christmas! You can read about Jaxson’s first Christmas here.
  • December 31: Jaxson is 11 months old today! Jaxson cruises along the couches, tables, and chairs with ease and has even started trying to let go or just use one hand. He walks very well when you hold his hands and he can pull up on anything and everything. He almost stood up on his own after bending down yesterday, but couldn’t quite get the hang of it just yet, but soon! He’s learned to blow spit bubbles, puts himself to sleep at night, and eats a TON of food, especially if its yours. He loves being outside and swinging and going down the slide at the park. Oh, and he has started laughing at funny things on TV and the best – at himself.

January 2014:

  • January 2: We’ve started brushing Jaxson’s teeth at night during bathtime and he loves it! I’m sure it feels good on his gums where his new teeth are coming in.
  • January 6: Jaxson now says “done!” when you are finished feeding him or changing him.
  • January 10: Jaxson took a step on his own on accident. He was holding on to the couch cruising when he let go of the couch, took a step, and put his hand back down without even realizing what happened.
  • January 13: Finally got another tooth – we’re up to 6 in now with at least two more on their way soon.
  • January 31: HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, JAXSON! Mommies love you SO much!

February 2014:

  • February 1: Jaxson’s 1st birthday party went wonderfully! So many friends and family came out to show him some love and he made out like a bandit with a ton of great gifts from everyone. He also waved goodbye without assistance for the very first time – something we’ve been working on for a while!
  • February 4: Jaxson had his 1 year appointment with Dr. Helft today and got 3 shots plus the flu shot, part 1. He did so well, only crying for a minute or so afterwards, and then calming down when the office dog Belle came in to visit. 🙂 Mommies also got their flu shot (at the pediatrician’s office YAY!) and we all had a quiet day recuperating together.
  • February 6: Jaxson had his first real blood draw today! Dr. Helft ordered an allergy test and some other routine bloodwork for his 1 year checkup and he was such a good big boy and even got cool Garfield bandaids.
  • February 14: Jaxson’s bloodwork is perfect – no allergies! Starting him on whole milk and weaning off of formula – YAY!
  • February 15: Jaxson’s First Cold – short and sweet thank goodness!
  • February 28: Jaxson is 13 months old today! His vocabulary is increasing, he will wave goodbye (sometimes he’ll wave hello also), he recognizes objects and ideas and will point to things or people when asked, he can follow simple commands, and has 8 teeth now! Sleep regression has been tough this time around, but we think its mostly due to his teeth and learning to walk – no steps yet but he’s cruising like a champ and using his push-toys (well anything really that will move) to make his way around the living room.

March 2014:

  • March 3: Jaxson had his second dose of the flu shot and did great. Felt a little run down the rest of the day but bounced right back the next!
  • March 21: Both of Jax’s first molars up top have cut through! No wonder he’s been so fussy lately.
  • March 25: Jaxson took his first steps! So excited he’s becoming more mobile – cause he’s heavy!
  • March 31: Jaxson is 14 months old today! He says about 10 solid words, answers yes/no questions, is learning colors and body parts, has 10 teeth (including his top 1st molars), is starting to walk but still primarily crawling for now, and he knows how to use hand sanitizer! LOL

April 2014:

  • April 5: Jaxson went to cousin Marque’s birthday party at the skating rink and LOVED watching Mama J skate!
  • April 28: Jaxson’s 15 month check-up and shots. He did wonderfully! And we got some tips on feeding him (since he won’t eat veggies anymore) and how much milk he needs (24 oz…and we’re only giving him 8 oz! Yikes!). Everything else checked out fine, he’s still got the heart murmur but Dr. H isn’t concerned just yet, and Jax is growing like a weed – he’s almost 3 feet tall!
  • April 30: Jaxson is 15 months old today! Jax is now running, climbing, and sliding like a pro! He also learned to drink from a regular straw and really likes Greek yogurt. He can tell you the sounds a cow, bear, sheep, and cat say. He loves reading together before naps and bedtime and gives the best snuggles!

May 2014:

  • May 11: Happy Mother’s Day Mamas!
  • May 16: We’ve been working with Jaxson on saying “grandma” and “grandpa” instead of “guh-guh-guh”. Today when we asked him how to say “grandma” he paused – then said “guh-guh mama”! Now to get it to stick…
  • May 27: Mamas had their 1st “real” date night in nearly 16 months…we had a blast at the Uh Huh Her concert in Orlando!
  • May 31: Happy Memorial Day! Jaxson is 16 months old today!
    He’s started throwing tantrums complete with throwing himself on the floor and flailing his arms and legs. He’s got 12 teeth and he’s finally starting to eat “real” food, not just pouches. He also enjoys helping clean house, especially vacuuming, and loves playing outside.

June 2014:

  • June 5: Jaxson starts swimming lessons! He’s awesome and appears to be quite the “fish” like Mama B.
  • June 23: Jaxson has now given us “separate” names – J is Mama and I am Mommy (most of the time, although he does use them interchangeably for both of us). Love it!
  • June 30: Jaxson is 17 months old today! Jaxson had his first “fever” today and is still working on his molars, which means he hasn’t been eating anything. Time-outs have begun and Jax knows to say sorry for doing something wrong. He’s always interested in what older kids are doing/playing with at the Mall or park, thinking he’s much bigger than he is!

July 2014:

  • July 31: Jaxson is 18 months old today! He is such a good boy and really has such a kind heart. He’s growing by leaps and bounds and his language is exploding! He doesn’t like you to cut up his food teeny-tiny anymore. He calls every animal “Bubba” and knows the names of all the Disney Jr. characters.

August 2014:

  • August 20: Jax has started using sentences such as “Oh no!” and “Juice, mama” and also tries to blow his nose in tissues. He’s also ditched the bottle – hooray!
  • August 25: We released our pet turtle Terrapin today, and Jax was very sad to lose his pet. He kept asking after him when seeing his empty tank at home.
  • August 31: Jaxson is 19 months old today! He’s started undressing himself and gives you knuckles/fist-bumps now! He’s learning to jump and starting to learn how to use a spoon to eat. He says Oreo now which is the cutest thing ever and loves playing the drums with Grandpa. He doesn’t really like meat and nods yes when you ask if he’ll be a vegetarian.

September 2014:

  • September 6: Jaxson’s first trip to the beach!
  • September 13: Jax knocked on my belly and said “Baby?” I think he’s trying to tell us he wants a sibling!
  • September 19: Jaxson’s first plane trip to NY!
  • September 30: Jaxson is 20 months old today! He hums, sings, and plays the drums. He loves to bounce on the bed and play with the guinea pigs (though not at the same time). He’s starting to use short sentences and tells people to move out of the way when riding in the car. His eyes are starting to turn more green than blue-grey and he’s the best snuggler I know!

October 2014:

  • October 10: Jaxson’s first trip to the fair! He loved it so much we went to another one the next weekend.
  • October 18: Mama J’s first weekend away from Jaxson, and we all survived. I loved getting to spend one-on-one time with Jax and we had lots of fun, but he missed Mama J, especially at bedtime and in the morning.
  • October 29: Jaxson’s first trip to the pumpkin patch! He kept trying to pick up each and every pumpkin.
  • October 31: Happy Halloween! Jaxson is 21 months old today! Jax has big feet and the clumsiness to go with it. He also has Mommy or Mama days – days where he will only want to be with one of us and have nothing to do with the other. He doesn’t like thunderstorms or power outages (learned the hard way). He’s finally started to branch out and try new foods and now enjoys bananas, drinkable yogurt, and “bapples”. He climbs up the ladder and swings on his playset like a pro and loves to play outside. He also says his name (finally!) and recognizes himself in pictures. We had a great time trick-or-treating at the mall for Halloween this year and Jax was the cutest little pumpkin around!

November 2014:

  • November 6: We got a new car! Jax keeps going around saying “new-new car!” Needless to say, he likes it.
  • November 30: Jaxson turned 22 months old today! He scratches his head when thinking of an answer to a question you ask him, even though he answers every question with “no” right now. He’s starting to fight us on things now and test his boundaries (yay) but he’s also so loving and really does love snuggling with Mommies and giving us hugs and kisses. He likes drawing on his little magnetic board and can identify the things you draw (star, moon, cat, car, etc). His new favorite TV show is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and his new favorite toys are Matchbox Cars! My dad saved a giant box of them from when my brother was little and gave us half for our house, half for their house. People are starting to decorate for the holidays and he loves looking at Christmas lights and asks for “more please”!

December 2014:

  • December 6: Jaxson’s first Christmas parade! He loved seeing all the drummers in the high school bands that were marching by!
  • December 16: Happy Hanukkah! Jax loves lighting the menorah with us and opening his gift of the night. I’m so excited he is old enough to participate this year!
  • December 18: We all went to a local Hanukkah parade/JewFest and Jax loved the Hebrew music! They had fake snow and latkes and a 100-car parade with lit-up electric menorahs on top! It was fun!
  • December 20: We went to J’s cousin’s Hanukkah Party in South Florida and had a really great time. Jax got some awesome gifts (including a leather jacket and a lego set) and everyone loved seeing him. It was so great to finally get together with the extended family and hang out.
  • December 25: Merry Christmas! Jaxson had a wonderful Christmas and got tons of great gifts. We had a lovely time spending time with our families and just enjoying being together.
  • December 31: Jaxson is 23 months old today! Jaxson has started naming his animals (he named his lion Kanye) and is starting to develop a stubborn independent streak. We went to a light show set up at someone’s home which was amazing and Jaxson loved watching it and listening to the music – he was “conducting” in the back seat! He’s a sweetheart and even picked a flower for Mama J the other day while playing in the back yard. He tried guacamole and loves it! He’s started learning to open doors (home and car) and is getting better using a fork, spoon, and plate. He likes puzzles and talking on the phone and recognizes where we are when we pull onto a street (home/Nana & Papa’s/Guh-Guh’s). He finally said Grandma (Guh-Ma) and finally finally finally started saying “Love you Mama/Mommy!” which melts our hearts each and every time.

January 2015:

  • January 1: Happy New Year!
  • January 31: Happy 2nd Birthday Jaxson!! We went to Disney for his birthday and he got to meet his favorite, Mickey Mouse. It was an exhausting trip to say the least, but there were some fun moments. Jax loved the rides and cried when we had to get off. And he loved seeing the Nemo live stage show and his souvenir toy Nemo, too. 🙂

More to come!


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