So, today is Thanksgiving…

My wife hates Thanksgiving, always has, always will. I know some people balk when we say that, but hear me out. We’re not huge fans of the food and my wife’s birthday is Nov. 26 and so nearly always falls right near Thanksgiving (or like this year, it’s actually ON Thanksgiving). This meant a childhood of no birthday parties with friends since everyone’s usually travelling or spending time with family during the holidays, having a meal for your birthday that you don’t really care about (steak please?!), not to mention desserts that give you no joy (she’s not a pumpkin fan either). And talk about stress getting everything presentable and spending the day in the kitchen! Plus, its an awful holiday. Shouldn’t we be thankful every day? It’s not even about giving thanks anymore, its about stuffing your face as quickly as possible so you can get out and go shopping that evening (because Black Friday has now become Black Thursday). Anyway…

I wish I could say this year is different for her…but her birthday actually falls on Thanksgiving. We somehow ended up putting on dinner again this year. At least we control the food so we can keep the sugar and carbs in check, but it sucks because she’s upset with the whole Thanksgiving thing. I wanted to buy her a steak for her birthday and grill it without her knowing, but there was just no way I could pull that off! I wanted to give her something good this year, so I asked her what dessert she wanted me to make for her “cake” and she decided on a Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting! So she’s excited about that. She’s not excited about the stress of cooking that huge of a meal (24 lb turkey!) and having 4 kids and 10 adults crammed into our smallish house (where do we seat everyone?! at least we have a large porch!) on a day that should be all about her.

So to me, today is not Thanksgiving, it is her birthday. The day to celebrate that she came into this world so she could grow up and I could fall in love with her! Without her, there would be no Jaxson. Without her, there would be no Bubba (our cat). Without her, there would not be the home we share or the large family to share this Thanksgiving with. And so for her Thanksgiving, just like everyday, I am just so thankful for my beautiful wife. She is truly amazing and I am so lucky to have her. She busts her ass every day to take care of our son and keep our house running smoothly. She shops, prepares, and cooks all of our meals. She cleans our home and keeps it pristine! All this while making sure our son is a well-adjusted human and gets the proper social interaction and physical activity every single day. She has the most thankless full-time-with-mandatory-overtime-24/7 job in the world – not to say being a stay at home mom is not rewarding in its own way – but so many times the importance of her job and the contributions she makes to our family is vastly unappreciated and overlooked by virtually everyone.

Even I, sometimes, forget to say thank you. Of course I am always grateful for her and the amazing things she accomplishes every day, and I am thankful for the sacrifices we have made so she can stay home with Jaxson. I know its not easy for her, just like its not easy for me to get up and go to work every day, but she doesn’t get a choice of going to work or having a sick day – her job is 24/7. Her job is nights, weekends, overnight…endless dishes and cooking and playdates…with no time for herself.

I wish we weren’t struggling financially, so that for her birthday I could have given her the massage and the haircut and the day that is only about her. The day she deserves! I hate that I wasn’t able to do these things for her, because she gives so much of herself to do so much for us. I hate that I could only get her a card from me, a card from Jaxson, and a chocolate bar. I hate that our gift is so minuscule in scale to the gift she gives our family every day. She deserves the world on a platter, not just a candy bar.

So, Wife (since I know you’re reading this ;)), I want you to know that not for Thanksgiving, not just for your birthday, but every single day, I am so thankful for you. I am so thankful that you came into my life when you did, that you love me like you do, that you gave us our beautiful son, that you have literally sacrificed everything to stay home with him, and that you have so selflessly taken on this role in our family. I just want you to know that I truly appreciate everything you do for us and I love you so much! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! You are my everything and I’m so glad you were born!



P.S. Just to update, our Thanksgiving was awesome. Everyone got along great, had a nice time, and all the food came out at the same time. I busted my ass today and cooked everything (except the dressing!) and kept kicking J out of the kitchen so she didn’t have to do anything. Inadvertently, I gave her the gift of a day where she didn’t have to lift a finger, and she said that was the best gift I could have given her. Success! It was a wonderful day, and J also got lots of Starbucks cards so she was excited about that! And she liked the chocolate bar Jax and I got her very much. Yay! 🙂


15 Weeks

Man, what a week! I have been suffering from a nonstop migraine for the past week and even threw up a couple of times from it. Yay. 😦 Sounds like I’m feeling J’s pregnancy symptoms? Not so much. More like the horrific thunderstorms we have been having here in Florida are killing me slowly! Oh well…so much for living in the SUNSHINE STATE!

Anywho, you may have noticed that this blog was a little later than usual. Saturdays are when the baby rolls to the next week in its development, however this Saturday (yesterday) we were a little busy with a crazy surprise – Beck, J’s sister, had her water break early! She wasn’t due until the second week or so of September. So we dropped everything, picked up J’s mom on the way to Clearwater, and drove two and a half hours so we could spend the day in the hospital with Beck waiting for the arrival of baby Caden. Even though he was a couple of weeks early, he was gorgeous and doing pretty well. He weighed 6 pounds 8 ounces and was 19.3 inches long. He had to be kept in the NICU since he was born early, but hopefully he can go home soon. 🙂

Welcome Baby Caden!!

J and I had never been present for the birth of a baby before! Although we weren’t in the room during the actual pushing and delivery moments (we’ll deal with that ourselves in February!) it was interesting to see the labor process leading up to that point. It is one thing to read about the labor and delivery process in What To Expect When You’re Expecting or on any of the numerous baby apps on our smartphones or even on “A Baby Story” on TLC, but it was cool to get to kind of see what to expect in regards to the monitoring, nurses and what they do, and to hear Beck’s feedback along the way and see how she reacted to everything. She was a great example! Thanks Beck!

So here we are at 15 weeks and not much is going on here with us and our little one. J can feel the baby moving around more and more each day. She can’t eat much at one sitting and has some wicked heartburn most of the time. Oh and not to mention, in her entire life she’s never liked anything zesty or spicy, but the other day her dad had hot wings and she was drooling over them! She tried them and now she is hooked. She can’t eat sweets still, however right now she is enjoying a bowl of cantaloupe with peanut butter – an old favorite. So far so good – she also loves smoothies but hasn’t been able to drink them lately since it upsets her stomach so much.

We have our next doctor’s appointment on Tuesday afternoon so I’ll let you know how that goes. We aren’t expecting another ultrasound until the anatomy scan, which will probably be next month – we’ll know more after our next appointment. So until then…here’s your facts for the week!

Baby is just over 4 inches long and about the size of apple, weighing in at about 2.5 ounces. Baby is practicing breathing by taking in the amniotic fluid through the nose and mouth. Although the eyes are fused shut for several more weeks, baby can sense light if you were to shine it at Mom’s belly! Taste buds are now formed and baby’s bones are beginning to harden this week, and baby can move all of its joints and limbs.

Our little boy or girl is going to double in size over the next five weeks!