Happy Holidays!

We won a free photo shoot at Target, so we took Jaxson to get professional pictures done. Our photographer wasn’t so great, so it took forever to get any decent pictures. Jaxson, overall, did a great job for his first time having pictures done, but of course was a typical two year old and just wanted to play with all the props instead. 🙂 I’m glad we didn’t have to pay for the pictures, but we got a few really great ones so it was worth it in the end.

We are celebrating Christmas Eve at my parents’ house tonight, then we will do our Christmas at home in the morning and go to J’s parents’ house for Christmas in the afternoon. It will be a busy time, as always, but I’m looking forward to watching Jax enjoying it all! It is exciting this year because he “gets it” now that he’s a little older, and he’s been honing his gift-unwrapping skills.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

holiday card 2015




10 Months

Now that we’ve moved into December, we’re in the final stretch of this year. 2013 has been such an incredible year for our family and I’ve enjoyed our journey and all of the many blessings we’ve received throughout the year. We have such a great life!

Jaxson is 10 months old now and finally getting the hang of crawling. He’s still a little dead-legged but getting much better at moving both legs now when crawling and is getting quite speedy! He’s also figured out how to pull up on things and despite our best efforts to redirect him, he likes to use our living room TV stand to try to pull up and inevitably turns on or off the DVD player or cable box. Nevermind the fact that we really don’t want our 60″ TV falling over on top of him, so we’re looking into getting a wall mount and securing the TV well out of his reach.

Along with pulling up comes walking and this boy is ready to just take off on his own. Every time he stands he wants to just let go of our hands and start going on his own, and he gets so mad when he can’t. He’s fallen down plenty and loses his mind when he does! He gets so mad and throws a little fit (complete with real tears) and then he gets over and gets up again. We’ve been trying to learn different ways to redirect him when he acts out in anger or frustration (oh yes, we’re at that hitting/kicking/pinching/biting stage now) and its been difficult. The worst is when we know he’s doing something on purpose. We’ll say “No Jaxson, don’t play in the garbage. That’s icky.” and redirect him back to a toy on his walker and move him into the living room. Five seconds later and he’s back in the garbage. Repeat. Back in the garbage. Repeat.


Or how about when he is throwing a fit on the changing table (he has started screaming and crying when you go to put him down on it now – oh boy what fun) to the point where he will launch himself out of your hands and he even hit his head (hard) the other day because of this attitude. He got mad at me and threw a fit the other day and kept kicking and grabbing at me while I was changing his diaper, until he stopped and looked up at me and pinched the side of my boob  so hard it bruised! Boy did it hurt – I was so mad!

In other news, he’s been off the Prevacid for a month now and is doing amazing. He gets annoyed with the bottle now and really only has two, sometimes three, a day. He’s eating mostly 3rd foods now with texture and he’s apparently gotten over his meat-aversion since he now enjoys Beef & Veggies, Herb Chicken & Noodles, and even Turkey on Thanksgiving (he didn’t like the mashed potatoes though). He loves the Gerber snacks too – puffs, fruit melts, and wagon wheels oh my!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it was great. J and I worked our butts off to make a great meal and I think it went off without a hitch! After seeing the turkey and having to prepare it though, I don’t know that we’ll ever be doing this again (J was literally turning green and had to leave the kitchen while I was getting the turkey ready for the oven!). It was enough to almost make us go back to being vegetarians! We made our own apple pie (J) and pumpkin pie (me) and had J’s parents and sister and her family over as well as my parents and brother and sister. This year Hanukkah coincided with Thanksgiving so everyone got a Hanukkah gift and we got some super cute pictures of Jaxson!




He is growing so fast, stuck between infant and toddler with not many months left until he turns one! I’m already planning his first birthday party, although I’m a little hesitant to have that many people in our house after just 10 adults and 3 kids for Thanksgiving being a handful!

Right now, we are enjoying Hanukkah together as a family and we decorated our Christmas tree together this past weekend and wrapped all our gifts. I’m happy to say we are all done! We started shopping right after Christmas last year and it really worked out well and cut down on the holiday stress.

Despite his attitude, Jax is a little chatterbox, but not so much when other people are around. I guess he takes after me! Just last night though, he was talking up a storm and of course we talk back to him as if we’re all having a conversation together. It even sounded like he said “grandpa” at one point! True story though, he did say “Bubba” (our cat’s name) and looked over at Bubba and said it again. So I think we’re safe to say that he knew what he was saying and meant it. (How did we know Bubba would be his first word? Probably because he’s just as obsessed with Bubba as J is!)

Jax also says “mom” (me) and “mom-mom” (J) although he also says it when he wants to get up out of his highchair/walker/etc. so we’ve started saying “up” when he wants up instead of him just using “mom” as a catch-all alternative.

IMG_3774Mom-Mom & Jaxson

Official 10 month pictures will be coming up soon, but for now I hope these hold you over! Happy December! 🙂