And The Two-Week-Wait Begins…

Here we are again, standing at the beginning of the two week wait. Somehow I think this time will be the “longest” ever!

This morning J and I went to the fertility doctor’s office. We checked in and took a seat. Another couple was called in before us and then it was our turn. We took our deep breaths and she got up on the table, ready to go. She was a ball of nervous energy and of course, I was there to be the solid support, calm although inside I was jittery too! This was our first time having the insemination in the doctor’s office, so it felt like the first time all over again. At least this time we didn’t have to figure out how to get the baby batter out of the tube and just where do we put it? The doctor came in with his nurse after about 15 minutes (thawing time, I’m sure) and gladly announced that Todd had great motility in this sample! Awesome! This had been a silent fear of mine, that we would get right down to this moment to be told that the sample just wasn’t up to par, or some other imagined reason that we wouldn’t be able to proceed. Regardless, there was no need to worry as the sample we ordered was guaranteed to have 20+ million post-thaw, and today we had 37+ million post-thaw. We were all very happy to hear that.

The procedure was pretty straightforward: the doctor puts the sperm into a catheter which is then inserted up through the cervix, into the uterus near the opening of the fallopian tubes. Discharge sperm through the catheter, remove it, and she laid there for 10 minutes to keep it all in. She had some pain/cramping during the procedure, but overall it went quickly and smoothly. She’s been having some cramping still throughout the rest of the day, but its been getting less and less so that’s good at least. Our next step is for her to get her progesterone levels checked via bloodwork on March 8th to make sure she’s got enough progesterone to sustain a pregnancy and aid implantation, and then if she doesn’t get her period on March 16th, she goes in for a blood pregnancy test.

Of course we are hopeful but we have just been praying that the pregnancy will happen when it is the right time and that when it does we will have a healthy baby in there! I think that is all that anyone can ask for and we are impatiently waiting for the 16th to find out one way or the other. I have to agree with J on this one – I am nervous it didn’t work and nervous if it did…we know how to deal with the “no” by now…its the “yes” that we are going to freak out over! Our lives could change forever in a matter of weeks….

She said she wasn’t going to buy any pregnancy tests so she wouldn’t test early. I told her I would believe it when I see it. 😉





I am sitting here in the dentist office waiting on Jenn to get her cavity checked out. We have our appointment with the fertility doctor at 10 and we are both so nervous/excited to hear about the results of all the bloodwork she had last month. I am always the optimist and think everything will be okay.

As I’m waiting in the dentist’s waiting room a mom with two little girls and a boy come in. He is getting a cleaning and she’s keeping the other two in line…well trying to. Kids are a handful, and I get that, but I am so ready to start on our journey of motherhood. Despite those moments when you want to wring their necks because they are driving you crazy, there are those moments that make it all worth it:

“Mommy read with me!”

“Mommy look what I did!”

“Mommy I love you.”

I can’t wait to have our own munchkin to hold in my arms and protect and love…hopefully sooner rather than later.

Our soonest possible insemination is only 11 days away, as long as all the tests come back with good results. I can’t believe it could be less than two weeks until we are on our own journey to motherhood. I’m amazed, and I’m feeling good about it all 🙂

I’ll post the results later…


Ready? Set? GO!

Okay! So we got the go-ahead from Dr. C late last month and Jenn got her period shortly after we got the good news. Which brings us to this month and our first insemination attempt at home. According to our app we use to track her period, she was due to ovulate around the 12th of July. We have found a donor whom we have fallen in love with…his name is Todd and he donates to Cryos International in NYC. He is an open-ID donor which means if we conceive using his sperm, our child will be able to contact him once he or she turns 18 to find out information such as genetics, health history, or just what his favorite band is. We liked Todd a lot not only because he looks a lot like my younger brother (they give you a free childhood photo along with his biography so you can see what he could contribute to your own child’s looks) so our child would look like both Jenn and I but also because of his reason for donating – he had a friend that was a single woman and she used a sperm bank to conceive her child and when he saw how happy she was he wanted to be able to help others like her make their own families too. Also he has a child of his own, is happily married and to top it all off, his wife totally supports his choice to donate. So he’s a winner all the way around!

Now comes the tricky part…what do we do?! Luckily the Cryos website is super informative and pretty easy to use. You just have to know what type of sperm sample you need to purchase (IUI -which just means the sperm sample is “washed” of dead sperm and is usually for intrauterine inseminations in a doctor’s office but can also be used at home, or ICI – which is an “unwashed” or “normal” sample used for intracervical inseminations either in a doctor’s office or at home) and what motility you need (the higher the motility means the higher number of viable sperm in a sample after thawing). You pick how many straws to order (this translates to how many attempts – 1 straw = 1 insemination attempt) and voila! You pay and have it shipped to you. We picked a mid-range motility (MOT20) and ordered two straws because it is recommended to try twice per cycle for best results. We had an issue with the credit card not picking up on the website since we had just moved (very nerve-wracking when you are talking about $1200!!), but the next day Jenn called Cryos and got everything all straightened out. Not to mention, we now have a contact at Cryos named Ty, and he is an extremely nice gentleman who really helped us through some of the process. Good thing because he really came in handy!

So according to her period tracker, she was supposed to ovulate on July 12, which was a Tuesday. We ordered the sperm to be delivered on Tuesday, but when we woke up on July 8 (Friday) and did our normal morning routine – poof! She got a positive OPK. Oh no! After a minor meltdown about how she was early and the egg is only good for a day and what do we do now because the sperm won’t be here until next week and we already paid for it!!!!!!! etc. etc. etc….I calmed her down and assured her that it would be OK. I’m sure these things happen all the time. Just call Ty when they open at 9 and I’m sure they can figure something out for us.

Which of course, they did! Ty was super awesome and assured us that yes, these things do happen frequently. So instead of charging us the normal fee he put one straw into cryo-storage for free for the next few months and had the other straw shipped to us for rush Saturday delivery by noon for no extra charge! Awesome!

Fast-forward to Saturday morning…the Stork (aka Mr. FedEx) delivers our baby batter to our doorstep in what looks like the remnants of some post-Vietnam bombshell. No really, this is what the sperm comes in:











Inside of said bombshell is the nitrogen tank:











And inside is our straw of baby batter along with the needle-less syringe needed to inseminate:







I’m sure you can guess what comes next and there’s no need to go into detail, but it ends with Jenn lying on her back with two pillows shoved under her butt and her legs propped up against the wall for an hour LOL Regardless, although stressful and scary, it was fun and exciting and we are hopeful, though cautiously so. It can’t happen on the first try, right? Rest assured, we will keep you posted…