Test Day… And 3 Days After

September 10th was official test day and we headed out early to get J’s blood drawn for her beta. She tested yesterday, and it was negative, but since she hadn’t gotten her period, we went to get the beta anyway.

The nurse called at 1:30… Negative. Our hearts sunk. J mentioned the complete lack of period (she is like clockwork), and the nurse said if she hadn’t started by next week they could redo the beta or have her come in for an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay.

That wasn’t necessary, because after there days of wondering if it was too early for the beta to be accurate, our cycle ended.

This was our last vial of our donor. This was our last bit of money in savings. We gave this everything, and its gone like that. And we have nothing to show for it.

*sigh* I don’t know what we are going to do now…


Our Last Hurrah

We had our IUI this morning and everything went swimmingly (haha)! We were so happy to hear that our sperm count this time was the highest its ever been – 44 million! That’s over 10 million more than when J got pregnant with Jaxson! At least it feels like we’re going into our last try with our last vial giving it all we’ve got. We are really optimistic and hopeful but at the same time absolutely terrified. LOL

We had dropped Jax off with my dad before our appointment, and so we went out to breakfast after the IUI and enjoyed a nice, stress-free breakfast at Keke’s. We shared a banana caramel waffle and actually had the time to taste the food without having to reign in a toddler! It was nice to just get a moment to ourselves that wasn’t rushed.

After breakfast we checked out Once Upon A Child and found Jax a few new tank tops, oohed and aahed over the baby girl clothes, and headed home to pick Jax up. J started cramping and feeling really tired, so we laid low the rest of the day.

Even though we’re scared, we’re also really really excited. Jaxson keeps saying there’s a baby in Mama’s belly and he wants it to come out. We keep telling him its not ready yet and he gets all disappointed. I’m sure one day he’ll be asking us to put it back in (LOL), but for now, he’s pretty darn cute about wanting a baby. 🙂

She’s adamant about not testing early this time, and I’m okay with that. She goes for her progesterone test on 9/3 and then her blood pregnancy test on 9/10. Here we go!

One For The Money…

J had her follow-up appointment with Dr. Chamoun this morning and…we have one 22 mm follicle ready to go! She also had two more smaller ones, but the doctor said they probably wouldn’t catch up in time. She said she already feels pregnant (from the Letrozole). When she told that to Dr. Chamoun he goes, “I didn’t know I was that good!” LOL But we were glad to hear she had taken to the meds really well and very happy that we are good to go! She does the trigger shot tonight at 9 p.m. and then we go in for the IUI on Thursday morning at 9 a.m. YAY!!!!

Ready To Go Again!

We went to the fertility doctor yesterday morning. J had her baseline CD 3 ultrasound and much to our surprise, everything was perfect in there! We were fearing the worst but there were absolutely no cysts on her ovaries, which is what we were worried about, because it would make us wait until next month to start trying. 

So she left with a prescription for Femara/Letrozole 5 mg for CD 3-7 starting last night. She had some headaches and visual issues when taking the Clomid when we tried at home last month, so we felt switching was a good idea. 

We go back next Tuesday for the follow up ultrasound to see how many follicles grew. I’m hoping for at least two so we have some good chances with our last vial!

Next Up…Follistim!

I had my follow-up ultrasound this morning to see how the Letrozole treated me. My lone follicle on the right ovary fizzled out along the way and disappeared, but I gained TWO beauties on the left ovary instead. Yay! They are still on the small side (I think about 11-12 mm) so no trigger shot or IUI just yet.

The doctor gave me two options: let me “coast” until Monday and see if the two follicles grow on their own by then, or start Follistim to give them a boost. Since this is the point where my ovaries tend to “give up”, I didn’t want to take the chance of one or both follicles disappearing over the weekend. So $300 later, I have my Follistim pen in hand and I’m starting 75 IU of Follistim tonight through Sunday with labs (estradiol) and a follow-up ultrasound on Monday morning. I’m trying not to get too optimistic or overly hopeful, but we’d be really excited to be ready to go on Monday!

Although I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do injectables, I really think this protocol gives me a great chance, especially if I can hang on to both follicles (please please please please). The Letrozole worked far better than Clomid ever did for me at recruiting follicles and I didn’t have crazy side effects from it! I’m so glad there’s a chance at two follicles this time, too! The doctor also said depending on how I take to the Follistim, I could even have more. I know he won’t do an IUI with more than 4 follicles, so really two is great for me.

So, that’s where we are at. Both J and I feel good. We’re happy the Letrozole worked and excited about the Follistim (just not the cost). If all goes well, we could be having IUI #3 next week. Finally!

After talking about all of this today, J and I ended up talking about how we have been seeing a lot of white butterflies around. Like, I know it’s spring, but there’s been tons. Curious, I Googled the meaning:

I’d say getting pregnant is a pretty darn important moment on the path of life. So, lead the way, butterflies. Lead the way. 🙂

Let’s Try This Again

I had my follow-up ultrasound today and … zero. My ovaries are basically on pause and the Clomid didn’t work for me (shocker). I was nervous but went in expecting the worst and landed somewhere in the middle.  

The good news is I don’t have to wait until next cycle. I went for labs today after my appointment and got the call this evening that I’m good to start a round of 5 mg Femara/Letrozole tomorrow.  

I go back next Thursday, and I’ll have another ultrasound to see if the Letrozole helped me recruit an egg. Depending on how it worked, we’ve discussed doing injectables to grow those follicles! Eek!

At least they told me that they have “emergency stock” they can give me if it comes to that. A vial of 300 units is about $300 so the freebie would be great. Really, I’m not surprised it’s come to this point.  I’m just annoyed with my body, but hoping that the Letrozole helps. If not, we’re looking at injectable-only cycles…but we are just taking it one step at a time and hoping there won’t be a next time. 🙂