Halfway Through The Secret TWW

Week one of this secret two-week-wait has gone by at a decent pace, but I have a feeling the next week will be a long one. The unavoidable symptom-spotting is underway: J has been having an intense exhaustion that has her lying in bed at 2 pm taking a nap today. She’s been breaking out like crazy and has been kind of cranky/irritable, too. She’s also had a lack of appetite and motivation, which I’m sure isn’t helped by going to bed late and having insomnia. To top it all off, she’s been having swollen sinuses and allergy-type symptoms and is getting up each night at 3 am to pee. Oh, and she’s craving fruit smoothies. She might actually be pregnant right now based on that craving alone! LOL

She’s also dealing with tons of work right now and wishing October would hurry up and get here so she could be done with this job. It really takes it out of her, and at least I’m home now to take care of Jax so she can get her work done. I’ve still not heard back on any of the jobs I’ve applied for, which is disappointing. I did just hear about a great-paying opportunity on Friday to work at home, which would literally answer all of our prayers and allow J to not have to get another job once this one ends. I really hope that something comes through soon, although I know that things will happen in the right time and right way for us; it always does.

Everyone keeps asking us when we’ll start trying again. They all know that we got the vial from Cryos, but they don’t know that we kept it for ourselves to use at home instead of putting it in storage at the doctor’s office. It’s been hard keeping it a secret from our parents, but we both know that its better this way. Not because we don’t want them involved, but because we have so much stress as it is right now that we really can’t bear the thought of any extra pressure in the form of “When do you test? Is it time yet? Do you know yet?” We both want to spill the beans so badly, but I’m hoping instead in a week we’ll be able to spill a different kind of beans instead.

A lesbian friend of ours is also in her TWW right now. She did the “turkey baster” method with a friend’s donor sperm, and she actually inseminated two days before we did! So we should both be finding out around the same time. I hope it is good news for both of us! J and I decided we wouldn’t be testing prior to this weekend coming up, since that will be 12DPO and technically the earliest she would have been able to find out when she was pregnant with Jaxson. We didn’t want the extra heartache of having negative tests when it is still just too early, so we’re waiting in out. The trigger shot should definitely be out of her system by then, so we’ll see what happens.

Until then…we wait.

*Okay so we didn’t make it until this weekend to test. We had to pick something up at Walmart tonight and found ourselves in the pregnancy test aisle. We picked up a 2-pack of Equate FRER tests and and two of the First Signal $0.88 tests. J tested tonight at 9 PM and it was negative, possibly faintly positive (but that line was only visible after the time limit). So at the least, we know the trigger shot is mostly if not completely out of her system and anything from here on out is a legitimate result. Oh boy.

Written on July 14, 2015.


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